Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah, 4, Thinks His Mom Is 70 & Her Job Is To ‘Wash Laundry’

Carrie Underwood is apparently really good at doing laundry. Her son young Isaiah thinks that her job is washing clothes, and folding them is her greatest talent.

Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher & son Isaiah
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Carrie Underwood has apparently maintained such a normal home life that her four-year-old son Isaiah has no idea she’s a country music superstar. She shared on “All About My Mom” questionnaire on her Instagram, which her son provided the answers to. Let’s just say he has some very interesting observations. When asked how old he thinks his mom is, Carrie’s son believes she’s “70.” Ouch! Maybe next year the 36-year-old should have her real age written out on her birthday cake for Isaiah to see.

It keeps on getting better, as for the question “My mom’s job is,” Isaiah thinks it is, “to wash the laundry.” She must really hit the laundry room, because Isaiah’s optics of Carrie keeping her family’s clothes clean is quite clear. His answer to “What is my mom really good at,” isn’t singing or entertaining audiences worldwide. Instead Isaiah believes that “folding laundry” is Carrie’s greatest talent. She must really work hard in the family’s laundry room for Isaiah to take such deep notice of her clothes washing and folding skills. She does have a song called “Dirty Laundry” after all.

There are some really sweet moments in Isaiah’s answers though. His response to “My mom always says,” is “I love you,” which is so touching. He also reveals that the thing they like to do together is “watch TV.” So from the laundry and TV answers, it sounds like Isaiah is growing up like any other normal little boy, and not the son of world-famous singing superstar who’s sold over 65 million records globally.

Isaiah is very observant when it comes to his vegetarian mom’s eating habits, as he correctly answers “salad” as the thing his mom likes to eat the most. He also notes correctly that her hair is blonde and her eyes are brown. Carrie and her retired NHL star husband Mike Fisher, 39, own several horses and Isaiah is aware of his mom’s love of the creatures. Isaiah’s response to “If my mom had the time she would like to,” is “ride horses.” Spot on! Now if she can just help him with that age estimate.

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