‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Kayla Gives Birth & [SPOILER] Learns She’s Pregnant

Babies were very much on the brain during the Feb. 11 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' -- but let's be real, when are they not? Anyway, one star gave birth, while another learned she's expecting.

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There was a special delivery during the Feb. 11 episode of Teen Mom: Young & PregnantAnd that’s because Kayla gave birth to her second child — a daughter named Ariah Jordynn. There seemed to be a big time jump between last week’s episode and this week’s because Kayla’s stomach was massive before she went to the hospital to delivery her baby girl. And afterwards, Kayla’s mom brought Izaiah to the hospital so he could see he’s now a big brother. It was so cute, but Kayla swore she’d never have sex again after giving birth twice, so hopefully Luke‘s okay with that. She was actually probably joking, but we can’t say we blame her.

Meanwhile, Rachel took three different pregnant tests and learned she was, indeed, expecting her second child. She kind of thought it was funny, but she was also bugging out about it. As for her mom, she broke down in tears because of how upset she was over the news. It’s not that she thinks another baby’s not a miracle, but she knows how much work it’ll be for the entire family. But even so — when Rachel talked about having “options”, her mom told her not to get an abortion because she’d “regret” it forever.

Later, Brianna’s family revealed that they aren’t as excited about her new boyfriend as she is. They’re worried that Jayden is using Brianna for her money and not really contributing to anything himself. Brianna doesn’t feel the same way so they definitely argued a lot this week, but only time will tell if they end up being right.

Finally, Kiaya’s surprise date didn’t go as planned, when her girlfriend freaked about going rock climbing. Also, Ashley and Bar threw a party for Holly’s second birthday — one that led to some major fighting between Ashley and her mom. Mainly because they were stressed though. In the end, they apologized and moved on.

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