Camila Coelho Reveals The Spring 2020 Trends She’s Most Excited About & How Fashion Empowers Her

Camila Coelho is taking the fashion world by storm & spoke to HL at BlogHer Health Summit about her fave upcoming trends & more!

Fashion and beauty entrepreneur Camila Coelho is an absolute expert in trends, because she’s typically the one setting them. As we continue to struggle through the winter months, Camila spoke to at the BlogHer Health Summit and looked ahead to the spring, revealing what looks she’s most excited to try out! “I feel like we’re already transitioning! I’m so fortunate my husband and I moved to LA in August and I feel I haven’t had a winter, which is amazing! But, I’m already transitioning to spring and I can’t wait to wear a lot of bright colors, a lot of silk, and big slits, and little crop bra tops,” she told HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “It’s going to be very in for that season and I cannot wait.”

Camila also touched on the ever-growing trend of women finding self-love, confidence and empowerment through their wardrobes. “I always talk about that on my platforms. Fashion is a way for you to put your personality out there, right? We shouldn’t be scared to wear anything that we want to wear. There are no rules,” she said. “Don’t listen to any rules. Wear what you feel comfortable with. And I think the first thing, the most important thing, is to find out what makes you feel good. We don’t need to follow all of the trends, figure out what suit you best, what you feel happy and good in.”

The 31-year old designer continued, “When we look at ourselves in the mirror and we feel good, it’s going to translate into whatever you’re doing. Feel good in whatever it is that you’re wearing, whatever it is that you’re doing, and your life is going to be so much better, and easygoing, and light.”


Following our sit-down, Camila opened up about her struggle with epilepsy since the age of 9, which she revealed in an interview with People on February 5. “I was playing with a friend and all of a sudden I feel my hands closing — my fingers, one by one,” she recalled about her first seizure. “My mom told me, ‘Camila, you are a normal child. You are going to live your normal life. There’s nothing you cannot do,’” Now, in her tenth year of marriage to Icaro Coelho, the CEO of Super Vaidosa Media, Camila chose to come forward with her diagnosis because it has made it difficult to get pregnant. “I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I come from a huge family, and I dream of the belly, breastfeeding, all of that,” she told the outlet. “I knew that when it was time, I would need to plan [the pregnancy] because I take medicine. My neurologist in Brazil, my neurologist in the U.S., even my gynecologist would tell me, ‘Camila, you really need to be off the medicine, so prepare yourself. Get your body cleaned from the medicine and then start trying.'”

She added, ” It’s the hardest decision of my life and very scary, but I know that I just need to have faith.”

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