‘AGT: The Champions’ Finals Recap: Angelina Jordan Wows With Rendition Of Elton John Song

The final 10 acts took the stage during the 'AGT: The Champions' finals. Angelina Jordan stunned with a gorgeous performance and V. Unbeatable made jaws hit the floor, while other acts fell flat.

The AGT: The Champions season 2 finals kick off with Alexa Lauenburger and her adorable dog act. Her performances are always bright and bubbly but this performance is nothing we haven’t seen before. While Alesha Dixon and Howie Mandel loved it, Simon Cowell says that the performance was “nowhere near as good” as her last two performances. He adds that he thinks Alexa has “just blown” her chances of winning the show. Heidi Klum tries to lessen the harsh critique by giving Alexa kudos for coming up with a new routine in just a week.

Next up is Duo Transcend. These two really up their game by doing everything blindfolded. At one point during the performance, Mary stands on Tyce’s shoulders and steps off. Tyce catches her but doesn’t manage to catch all the jaws are on the floor. Their new tricks bring brand-new thrills. Howie is impressed but thinks their last performance was better. Simon raves that this was the “best performance we’ve ever seen from these two.” He loves that they took a “ginormous risk.”

Angelina Jordan is the first Golden Buzzer recipient to perform in the finals. She sings a gorgeous rendition of Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” Her voice is truly one-of-a-kind. Heidi, who gave Angelina the Golden Buzzer, gushes that Angelina is a “superstar in the making.” Alesha adds, “I think you’re incredible.” Simon is a big fan of Angelina’s risk and admits that he’s going to remember this performance for years to come.

Simon’s Golden Buzzer act Boogie Storm takes the stage next. They’re ready to prove the haters wrong about not being deserving of making it to the finals. Their performance is fun but nothing memorable. Howie presses his red buzzer. He’s still not impressed and thinks there’s “no real message.” Alesha chimes in and says they’re not the best dances but they tried their hardest. Simon is still all about Boogie Storm and gives them a standing ovation.

Alesha’s Golden Buzzer The Silhouettes stun everyone with their performance of a family that lost their home. Heidi and Alesha are left in tears. “That was so beautiful,” Alesha says. Howie raves, “You’re not just here to win it, you’re here to change the world.” Simon shocks everyone by saying that he doesn’t think this performance was as good as their previous one. Alesha yells, “Absolute rubbish!”

Hans returns to the AGT stage for another performance and you never know what you’re going to get from him. After declaring he’s going to perform Simon’s “favorite song,” he transitions to a vibrant performance of Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud.” But there’s just no wow factor at all with this performance. Simon doesn’t hold back with his critique: “This was torture.” On the other hand, Alesha says it was “so much fun.” Heidi, of course, tells Hans that she loved it.

Tyler Butler Figueroa stuns with his magnificent performance of “Hallelujah.” It’s just Tyler and his violin. Simon is blown away and tells Tyler, “You may have given yourself a shot at maybe winning this competition.” Heidi is wowed at just how well Tyler can hold his own on that stage.

Next up is V. Unbeatable, Howie’s Golden Buzzer act. This group is always amazing. They’re practically unbeatable at this point. Their dancing and stunts continue to be top-notch. At one point, a bike is hoisted into the air by two members of V. Unbeatable. A young boy is then tossed onto the bike! Howie bows down to them when the performance is over. He believes this is the best act to ever grace the AGT stage. Alesha declares that it was a “colorful explosion of pure brilliance.”

Marcelito Pomoy is ready to give it his all for the finals. He wows with his performance of “Beauty & the Beast.” His vocals are stunning. Alesha tells him that the song choice was perfect. Simon believes this was better than Marcelito’s last performance but notes that he would have “done something less predictable.”

The last performance of the night is from Sandou Trio Russian Bar. As expected, this trio leaves us all on the edge of our seats and we can’t look away. From the incredible flips to walking on fire, this act brings surprise after surprise. “My heart was in my mouth,” Alesha admits. She tells Cassie that she’s a “superhero!” Heidi raves that Cassie is “amazing.” Now that’s some girl power! Simon ranks Sandou Trio Russian among his top 3 performances of the night ad says that they’ve “thrown the competition wide open after that.”

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