‘The Bachelor’ Fans Mock Show For Censoring The Tiny Swimsuits With ‘Bad Photoshop’

In an attempt to keep the Feb. 3 episode of 'The Bachelor' somewhat family-friendly, the show edited more fabric onto the contestants' swimsuits. Fans were confused, given that the task at hand was a bikini photo shoot!

Peter Weber, The Bachelor
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Image Credit: ABC

The editing team on The Bachelor got creative for the dating show’s Feb. 3 episode. Instead of blurring its contestants’ backsides during the episode’s bikini photo shoot portion — you know, the usual censorship tactic — more fabric was digitally added on! The result was a bit distracting; Peter Weber, 28, walked around the waterfalls of Costa Rica with women who looked as though their outfits were drawn on by MS Paint. Fans did not hide their amusement.

“I’m obsessed with the bachelor giving the girls thong bikinis to wear on this date but then editing massive fake full coverage bikini bottoms onto them. absolutely the most confusing show i’ve ever seen,” one viewer tweeted, while another wrote, “Was i the only one who noticed that they painted thicker bikini bottoms on the girls? I’m ROLLING 🤣 #TheBachelor.” ABC is not exactly a cheek-friendly network, as a third fan amusingly noted: “the best part of #TheBachelor is when the girls wear bikinis and if too much cheek is showing and the producers just try and draw more to the bottoms to show less a–. Quality editing.”

It’s not the first time fans have pointed out bikini censorship on The Bachelor (recall the black bar that covered Jillian Anderson’s derriere in Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor and later, Bachelor in Paradise). Another fan pointed this out on Twitter, noting how “bad the photoshop is” and adding, “I think past seasons they blocked it out with a black box! No idea why they decided to just use paint this time around 😳.”

The digitally enhanced bikinis weren’t the only reason fans have been talking about the recent episodes of The Bachelor. Peter surprised fans by sending home four of the ladies vying for his rose on the Feb. 5 episode — a pretty high number, considering that the episode began with only 10 contestants! Upset by Peter’s rationale as the “Bachelor,” viewers took to Twitter to share tweets like, “Retweet if you think Peter Weber should be the one sent home tonight” and, “Peter Weber, the king of making terrible decisions #TheBachelor.” Well, there’s no such thing as bad press, whether that be about drawn-on bikinis or who you give your rose to — right?

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