‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Briana Calls Out Pepa & Tells Her To Stop Disrespecting’ Tee Tee

Briana and Pepa go at it when Briana calls out Pepa for disrespecting Tee Tee in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'Growing Up Hip Hop.'

Briana has a bone to pick with Pepa about Tee Tee in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Feb. 6 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. “I have concerns. I do not like the way you treat my friend, Tee Tee,” Briana tells Pepa. She adds, “Do not disrespect her.” Pepa is caught off guard by this confrontation. Briana adds that she “doesn’t give a f**k if Tee Tee is Pepa’s niece.” She’s going to protect her friend and doesn’t think what has gone down is fair.

“Don’t respect my friend Tahira again,” Briana tells Pepa, who snaps back, “Are you threatening me?” Briana replies, “No, because God will handle you.” Pepa’s jaw basically hits the floor. Briana is not backing down.

Pepa has a gavel in her hand and starts waving it as she talks. Briana tells her to stop waving it. Pepa refuses to do anything Briana says and Briana has had enough. “You’re f**king ridiculous,” Briana says. “Grow up.” In her confessional, Briana notes that she believes there’s going to come a time when Pepa needs help and no one’s going to be there for her because Egypt’s run off with Sam. Briana brings up Tee Tee, whom she calls the most “loyal” friend, and says she is “done” with Pepa.

The synopsis for the Feb. 6 episode reads: “Angela’s on the quest for love but the drama with Romeo ignites. Bow Wow arrives in LA to throw JoJo an epic bachelor party. Dame and Boogie clash and the mics come off. Pep’s family war rages on when Sam and Tee Tee battle it out.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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