‘Rick & Morty’ Find Themselves Trapped In The Flavored Dystopia That Is Pringles’ Super Bowl Commercial

First, it was all about the Szechuan sauce. Now, 'Rick And Morty' have teamed up with Pringles, albeit unwillingly, for the chip's Super Bowl commercial. Spoiler alert – it gets weird.

Rick and Morty’s relationship with product placement and corporate sponsorship has always been odd (ask any McDonalds’ worker during the Mulan Szechuan sauce craze of 2017.) So, when the Adult Swim characters teamed up with Pringles for the chip’s Super Bowl LIV commercial, it got predictably bizarre. It starts off fine, with Rick and his granddaughter, Summer, watching a Pringles commercial. “How much do you think Pringles paid these people?” she asks Rick, who replies, “Hardly anything.” In comes Morty with an armful of Pringles cans, and he enthusiastically suggests that they stack different Pringles flavors to create new flavor combos. The moment he makes a spicy barbeque pizza stack, Rick attacks his grandson and rips off his face!

Surprise. It’s a robot! “We’re trapped in a Pringles commercial,” says Rick. “They must have taken us in our sleep.” When asked what they can do to get out, Rick reveals, “We can’t. They warned me this would happen, but I didn’t listen.” An army of Morty Pringles-bots come in, advertising the different snack combos, and the commercial kind of just ends there. While some might think this is an odd way to promote chips, for Rick and Morty fans, the humor is totally on-brand.

“We want to do something completely new for the brand for the 2020 Big Game and are thrilled to be partnering with Adult Swim and Rick and Morty, a show which continues to grow in popularity year after year and enjoys a cult fan following,” said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, in a press statement. “We hope the new special edition Pickle Rick flavor will be a hit with the show’s fans.”

Oh, yes. Pringles will pay homage to the viral hit episode “Pickle Rick” – in which Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid going to a family therapy session – with a special edition, collectible Pickle Rick flavor. Pringles already has a “Screamin’ Dill Pickle” flavor, so it will be interesting to see if Pickle Rick has any exciting flavor combos.

“We’re very thoughtful about who we partner with around Rick and Morty, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our new relationship with Pringles,” said Jill King, senior vice president, marketing and partnerships, Adult Swim. “Not only are the Rick and Morty show creators making a hilarious spot for the Big Game, we’re extending this partnership in really exciting ways, all year long. Rick and Morty fans are going to be given amazing new opportunities to illustrate their love for this iconic show, thanks to Pringles.”

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