Molly Ringwald Unveils The ‘Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network’ In Super Bowl Ad

This might be the quirkiest 2020 Super Bowl commercial! Molly Ringwald teamed up with Avocados from Mexico for a 30-second spot featuring avocado yurts, helmets, and pool floats.

It seems we aren’t the only ones who love our avocado toast! Hollywood mainstay Molly Ringwald revealed her deep love for the zeitgeist-y fruit, and we’re absolutely here for it! The 51-year-old teamed up with the infamously extra Avocados from Mexico for a bizarre 30-second Super Bowl commercial, in which the Pretty in Pink star is a pitchwoman for the fictional Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network. Throughout the video, Molly touts products like the “avo-carrier” and “avocado helmet” (a helmet for your avocado) with all the fervor and enthusiasm of a real shopping network host. “Worried your avocado isn’t getting enough skin to skin contact?” she says. “Worry no more with the avo-carrier. Look how always in season he is!”

Molly also endorses the “avocado travel collection” while wearing an olive-green velvet tracksuit, alongside an avocado wrapped in a matching velvet cover. “Take your avocado to meet your parents with our new travel collection,” she says. Would it even be the Super Bowl without a weird AF commercial from the avocado company!?

Although it might seem like a bizarre collaboration, Molly revealed she has a “genuine and long-standing” love for the fruit. The actor was at a friend’s house eating avocado toast and had a “20-minute conversation” about avocados, mere hours before getting the offer for the commercial. “I got on the plane and looked at my email, and there was an email asking, ‘would you like to do a Super Bowl commercial for Avocados from Mexico?'” she told USA TODAY Sports. “It sort of felt like the universe was talking to me. Or we just live in a simulation. Either one.” Best known for her starring roles in coming-of-age flicks like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, Molly has attracted a younger fan base in recent years following her TV roles in the popular teen series’ Riverdale and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. 

The avocado ad marks Molly’s first foray into the world of Super Bowl commercials. However, Avocados from Mexico are certainly no stranger to the annual advertising extravaganza. This is the sixth consecutive year that the company has aired a Super Bowl commercial, following their headline-grabbing ads that have featured everything from aliens and secret societies to a role-reversal dog show starring Kristin Chenoweth. “We have really found our sweet spot with Big Game viewers,” Kevin Hamilton, the company’s head of brand marketing, public relations and strategy, said in a news release. “And we look forward to delighting avocado fans nationwide with what will be a really fun spot.”

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