Laverne Cox Reveals Why Beyonce Is A ‘Huge’ Hair Influence & Inspiration For Her

Laverne Cox is always rocking some sort of fabulous hairstyle & she shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how Beyonce has a major influence on her hair choices.

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When it comes to Laverne Cox, 47, she always manages to surprise us with her fabulous looks. Whether it’s her hairstyles or her outfits, she always slays every look she wears and she revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, that her inspiration comes from Beyonce, 38, herself. Laverne was recently announced as a Matrix partner and she spoke to HollywoodLife at Matrix Destination 2020, held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Spa in Orlando, Florida on January 19. Laverne gushed about her hair influences, admitting, “Beyonce is a huge hair influence for me and she has been for years. I mean, Beyonce is really the person who popularized, she and Mary J. Blige, I would say, both popularized lace wigs. So I think we wouldn’t be where we are with lace wigs now if it weren’t for Mary J. and Beyonce. So they are huge hair inspirations for me.”

Laverne has a lot of fun mixing and matching colors and trying out different wigs, and while it’s all fun and games, Laverne admits that hair is a huge part of her life. “Hair is everything. I mean, I’m a black woman. Hair is really a big deal for us and it’s just such a sense of expression.” Laverne gets to express herself all the time, thanks to her wigs, revealing, “Every day, with rare exceptions, for the past three years, I’ve worn a wig, and I need my wig. So sometimes I’ll have a wig for the gym and I have a wig for swimming, and those don’t have to be done, but I like to have my hair so that it’s on point as possible. I can just kind of throw them on and look cute.”

Laverne revealed how wigs are a form of expression, revealing, “What’s so amazing about wearing wigs is that you can switch it up, and I’ve been having so much fun with color this past year. What’s amazing about the Matrix Total Results products is that, for example, So Silver, it’s dope. It keeps all the yellow tones out of your blondes and your silvers because sometimes from chlorine or the sun you can lose the trueness of the color, so having products that keep the trueness of the color is so super important. The great thing, again, is that you can switch it out. You can switch up your hair, you can switch up your style, you can have fun.”

laverne cox
Laverne Cox spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at Matrix Destination 2020 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Spa in Orlando, Florida, on Jan. 19, about her hair inspiration. (Getty)

As for why Laverne decided to partner with the hair care brand, Matrix, whose mantra for the event was “Live Your Color,” she admitted, “I love the idea of ‘Live Your Color.’ I love the idea of no labels just results. ‘Live Your Color,’ for me, is about embracing every single shade of who I am, and no matter what hair type you have, what texture hair you have, Total Results has something for you. It just feels so me. It feels so much about bringing everyone to the table and having everyone be included, and that just really felt what I’m all about, so I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.'”

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