‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Rachel Takes A Pregnancy Test & Brianna Starts Dating Again

Rachel took a pregnancy test on the Jan. 21 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant', after she missed her period and failed to use birth control.

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Image Credit: MTV

Look — we know the Teen Mom franchise wouldn’t exist without babies, but we’re happy that Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Rachel won’t be having a second child anytime soon. The super young teen, who just recently gave birth to her first child (and still doesn’t know the identify of her daughter), feared she might be pregnant again during the Jan. 21 episode. She had missed her period, wasn’t using birth control, and used the “pull-out method” while having sex, so the odds definitely weren’t in her favor when it came to possibly being pregnant again. Fortunately for her, however, Rachel discovered that she wasn’t pregnant, after taking a test. So with a newfound lease on life, Rachel rushed over to her physician’s office to get an IUD put inside her. But when she found out it would hurt for a bit, during the process of inserting it into her body, Rachel opted for the birth control pills instead. Let’s just hope she uses them this time!

Meanwhile, Kayla became hopeful that Stephan will start showing up for Izaiah, thanks to their talk that ended on a positive note. Apologies were made and forgiveness was given, so moving forward, Kayla now wants to see if Stephan follows through with what he said he wanted to do, which was spend more time with their son.

Later, Ashley decided to peacefully co-parent with Bar, despite their drama, as she was seen telling her sister, “I want my kid to have a dad, and at the moment I’m willing to jump through hoops to make it happen.” Also, Ashley revealed that she and the guy she was crushing on in LA are currently doing their “own thing”, since they’re so far apart.

Finally, Kiaya asked Teazha to talk to Amour’s father, so they could all figure out a way to co-parent together, and Brianna looked towards the future in regards to both dating and a career. Not only is she talking to a new man on a dating app, but she’s also debating whether or not to go to school to become an official dental assistant. The only problem? The classes would take up 40 hours of her schedule per week, so she’d have to quit her current job to make it work.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant air Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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