Jamie Foxx Hilariously Jokes About His Dating Life After Split With Katie Holmes — Watch

A date with Jamie Foxx, following his breakup with Katie Holmes, will be a very religious experience, according to the actor. He hilariously joked with Ellen DeGeneres about what his 'perfect date' entails.

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes
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A date with Jamie Foxx these days includes a Bible! The 52-year-old actor stopped by Ellen DeGeneres‘ daytime talk show on Jan. 16 and played a game of “Burning Questions.” She asked the Just Mercy star, “What’s your perfect date?” and she sure wasn’t expecting the response he gave her. “Oh man. Reading scriptures,” he replied, as the audience erupted in laughter along with Ellen. “Trying to get closer to the Lord,” he continued before breaking into song, using his vocal skills to sing, “Hallelujah, Lord Jesus. Trying to be saved tonight. Will you save me, Lord Jesus?”

Of course, Jamie was completely kidding about what his idea of a perfect date is. To be honest, it likely involves a beautiful woman and a yacht, if his New Year’s activities are any indication. Jamie rang in 2020 in the waters off Miami with his friends, and rumored girlfriend Sela Vave. He’s said in the past that he’s just her mentor when it comes to her singing career, but they’ve been very close since his August breakup with Katie Holmes, 41, following their six-year relationship.

Jamie and Sela, 21, were photographed holding hands, while leaving a nightclub shortly after the news of his split with Katie broke, though he later said he was just being a gentleman. During an Instagram live video on Aug. 21, he explained, “I’m escorting her to my car, to put her in the car — my artist, who hangs out with my kids, who’s as young as my daughter [Corinne, 25],” Jamie began.  “I’m not no old n**** out here with no young folks. You understand what I’m saying? She’s been brought into the family, she works hard and she’s a beautiful singer.”

Jamie went on to describe his relationship with Sela as strictly professional and platonic. He added that he was helping her fledgling career, the same way he did with Ed SheeranNick Cannon and Ne-Yo when they were just starting out. He revealed that he’s been introducing her to music industry pals and called Sela “the next Beyonce.”

During “Burning Questions,” Jamie said that life has been one big party for him ever since he turned 52. “When was the last time you partied all night long?” Ellen asked. “I’m still at the party. I partied all night long,” Jamie said half-jokingly. “My birthday was December 13th and I’ve been sleepy and slightly drunk since December 13th. Every night. I’m like Leonardo DiCaprio.” With as successful and productive as Jamie is, that probably isn’t really true. But his party boy claim can sure add to any ladies man reputation he might be trying to build now that he’s no longer with Katie.