Kesha Meets ‘Idol’ Nicolas Cage & It Goes Way Better Than That Time She Met Jerry Seinfeld — Watch

Kesha took to Instagram on Jan. 14 to share a video that showed her fangirling during the moment she met Nicolas Cage on the red carpet of a screening of his movie 'Color Out of Space'.

Kesha, Nicolas Cage
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Kesha, 32, made a new once-in-a-lifetime memory when she met one her “idols” on Jan. 14! The singer took to Instagram to share a video that showed her greeting and hugging actor Nicolas Cage, 56, during a special screening of his new film Color Out of Space in Los Angeles, CA and it reminded us of our own fangirling moments! “Meet ur idols!!!!!!! Sometimes they’re the sh*t💕💕💕,” she captioned the sweet clip. In the video, Kesha, who is now rockin’ black hair, can be seen wearing a black Balenciaga denim jacket and jeans as she happily embraces the award-winning star. He seemed just as thrilled to meet her as he patted her on the back before turning and posing to take a pic with the “Tik Tok” crooner.

In addition to the video clip, Kesha posted the posed photos she took with Nicolas on the red carpet, and they are truly stunning. Her fierce look in the pics hide her enthusiasm and make her look as comfortable as can be with the handsome movie star. She also seemed to hang out with Nicolas and others after the movie as one of her pics included her posing with him and friends in what appears to be a restaurant. “Life is weird and fun. Geeking. My animals know. Last night was everything 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻,” she captioned the post.  ⁣

Kesha’s meeting with Nic seemed to go a lot better than her headline-meeting with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, 65, in 2017. The two of them ran into each other on the red carpet of the David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song event and after greeting each other Kesha attemped to give him a hug three times after introducing herself but he awkwardly kept pushing her away and replied, “No, thanks”. Jerry later explained that he wasn’t aware of who Kesha was and that was the reason why he didn’t embrace her. “In my reality… I don’t hug a total stranger,” he told Extra after the run-in. “I have to meet someone, say hello. I gotta start somewhere. Hug isn’t first moment of a human, two humans. I never did that.”

Nicolas Cage, Kesha

After her cringy snub from Jerry and before her epic hangout with Nic, Kesha revealed that her fourth album High Road will come out on Jan. 31.

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