‘The Bachelor’ Recap: A Champagne Bottle Causes Major Tension Between Hannah Ann & Kelsey

After Hannah Brown's fate is revealed, Hannah Ann and Kelsey go at it over a bottle of champagne on this week's episode of 'The Bachelor.' Plus, Victoria F. breaks down in front of Peter.

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The Jan. 13 episode of The Bachelor picks up in the middle of Peter Weber and Hannah Brown’s emotional conversation on his group date, which she was in attendance for as the planner. Hannah reiterates that she knows she made mistakes in their relationship on The Bachelorette, and Peter is left super confused. Eventually, though, he lets Hannah know that he “can’t do this” with her, and decides to get back to the date. However, he admittedly doesn’t know if his heart is 100 percent in it anymore.

Meanwhile, the other girls are concerned about where Peter’s head is at and if he still has feelings for Hannah. He pulls everyone aside and explains what happened between himself and Hannah, and reveals that he no longer wants to go through with the date because he’s “no longer in the right headspace” to enjoy it. He apologizes, but agrees to meet up with everyone later so they can spend more time together. The girls, particularly Natasha, are understandably frustrated and want answers.

Natasha confronts Peter with her concerns, and he assures her that he’s ready to move forward and that he’s officially put “Hannah Brown in the past.” Peter also forms connections with Sydney, who opens up about the hardships she faced growing up, and Mykenna, who shares a dance with the Bachelor, on the date. At the end of the night, Peter gives the group date rose to Sydney.

At the cocktail party, Kelsey tells the other girls about a special bottle of champagne that she saved for over a year and brought on the show to share with Peter. However, her plans are derailed when Mykenna — who was just on the group date — grabs Peter to have some one-on-one time first. Kelsey confronts Mykenna about it and lets her know that she feels disrespected.

Things go from bad to worse, though. Kelsey leaves the champagne by the fireplace, and Hannah Ann and Peter stumble across it and drink the champagne themselves. Needless to say….Kelsey is livid. As she tries to confront Peter and Hannah Ann, she breaks down in tears, and is convinced that Hannah Ann “knew what she was doing” when she popped the bottle with Peter.

Eventually, Kelsey storms in on Hannah Ann and Peter’s conversation and accuses Hannah Ann of stealing the bottle on purpose. Hannah Ann insists that she had no idea that the bottle was Kelsey’s. Finally, Peter gets Kelsey to calm down and they open another bottle of champagne together. Afterward, Hannah Ann tries to talk things out with Kelsey, but Kelsey wants nothing to do with the conversation.

“You are fake,” Kelsey tells her. “I know what you did. It’s f***ed up and I’m not about that. You’re calculated. I’m real, you’re calculated, and I’m over it. I’m over this pretty princess s***.” Hannah Ann explains that she had no idea about Kelsey’s special bottle of champagne, but Kelsey isn’t having it, and they do not end their talk on the same page at all.

The the rose ceremony, Sydney, Madison and Kelley already have roses from the three weekly dates. Peter gives the rest of the roses to: Mykenna, Victoria P., Natasha, Jasmine, Sarah, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Alexa, Tammy, Victoria F., Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, Alayah, Deandra and Kelsey. Unfortunately, that means Lauren, Courtney and Payton are headed home.

Next up is a group date for Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey and Hannah Ann. The girls get to shop at Revolve and then model in a fashion show for the brand. Carson Kressley and Janice Dickinson are guest judges in the runway competition, and the winner will get to take home everything in the Revolve closet. NO BIG DEAL!

Victoria F. struggles on the date, as she doesn’t have a lot of confidence and is worried that she won’t stand out like the other girls. Modeling is out of her comfort zone, and she is brought to tears. She gets it together on the runway, though, and even wears lingerie for one of her looks! Then, she makes the boldest move of everyone by pulling Peter out of his seat and KISSING him in front of everyone. The judges choose Hannah Ann and Victoria F. as the top two, and they walk the runway again, this time, in matching outfits.

In the end, Hannah Ann is declared the winner, and Victoria is brought to tears again. “I’m just defeated. I’m never good enough,” she rants. “I’m so over it.” During the nighttime portion of the date, she opens up to Peter about not feeling “seen” by him. “I don’t know if it’s worth my mental health,” she admits. However, Peter assures her that he’s committed to their time together, and talks her through another breakdown.

Meanwhile, there’s clearly still tension in the air between Hannah Ann and Kelsey. Hannah Ann is not happy with the way that Kelsey spoke to her the night before, and accuses her of being a bully. She brings up the situation with Peter, and lets him know that she spent the entire night crying over it. He assures her that he “won’t put up with” her feeling bullied. However, at the end of the night, he gives the group date rose to Victoria F.

Afterward, Peter pulls Kelsey aside to discuss Hannah Ann’s bullying accusations. Kelsey insists that Hannah Ann knew about the champagne, even though Hannah Ann says otherwise. She accuses Hannah Ann of “turning it on” and “playing the victim” when she’s with Peter. Kelsey cries, and although she admits to not liking Hannah Ann, she completely denies that she was a bully to her. Peter is left caught in the middle and he doesn’t know who to believe.

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