Jupiter Is Flinging Asteroids At Earth & Twitter Thinks They Know Why Trump Created The ‘Space Force’

Next stop, Jupiter? The President announced the U.S. Space Force just two days before the gas giant was accused of threatening Earth!

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Donald Trump, 73, is used to declaring war here on Earth, but Twitter thinks he’s ready to take things to the next — planet? Though Jupiter is often believed to have protected Earth from dangerous debris — like asteroids — space expert Kevin Grazier suggests the gas giant may, in fact, be doing the opposite! In his paper “Jupiter as a Sniper Rather Than a Shield,” Kevin previously theorized that the planet, which is much larger than Earth, is actually “flinging” large items towards Earth versus absorbing them. As we know, Donald doesn’t take well to threats and Twitter officially thinks the President is gearing up for the first-ever interplanetary war!

“So, Jupiter is the reason Trump created the Space Force,” @tashakay_ quipped, while others imagined exactly how the President would announce such an attack! “TRUMP: OUR SPACE FORCE IS THE BIGGEST AND THE GREATEST. WE WILL DEFEAT JUPITER,” @TagAnimationz tweeted. Others urged Jupiter — which isn’t known to have any life — to prepare for an attack! “Uh oh…Trump about to send the Space Force to blow up all of Jupiter’s important cultural sites,” @roozeboom36 posted.

Another user figured Donald was simply addicted to the drama. “Trump done pissed off the solar system and probably doesn’t even know what it is. When you’ve alienated allies and countries and nations, where do you go next? Solar System. Defend yourself Jupiter! It’s quite possibly to late for us,” @Crisstar52 posted.

The timing does, coincidentally, line-up with the launch of the U.S. Space Force on Wednesday, Jan. 8. “Space is the world’s new war-fighting domain,” Donald announced in a press conference at Joint Base Andrews, which is just outside of Washington, D.C. For the record, the force’s official mission is committed to the “freedom of operation for the United States in, from, and to space” — so, no, this is not The Galactic Empire coming to life.

As for getting to Jupiter, that may be a problem for Donald based on Earth’s available options: no humans have actually visited the far-away planet, which has taken automated spacecraft years to reach! NASA’s Juno Probe, for example, departed Earth in 2011 and didn’t land on the massive gas planet until 2016 — but perhaps Han Solo can give the President a lift on the speedy Millennium Falcon?

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