Jennifer Garner’s Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque Reveals The Star’s Fitness Secret Weapon

In her new book ‘Body Love Every Day,’ Kelly LeVeque reveals the simple boost to Jennifer Garner’s fitness routine that you can easily try to get the body that you want.

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Exercising in the morning on an empty stomach – or doing “fasted workouts” – is one of the key ways that Jennifer Garner, 47, whipped her body into shape for her 2018 thriller, Peppermint. That’s what Los Angeles-based nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, 36, says. Kelly – whose celeb clients include Jennifer, comedian Chelsea Handler and former Shameless actress Emmy Rossum – shared the tidbit with HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview while promoting her new book, Body Love Every Day.

“When you think about eating before a workout, that food and those nutrients are going to be available in your bloodstream as fuel immediately,” she said. “Your body is always going to burn what is easiest to burn… When you go into a workout fasted, not only is your body going to start to break down stored fatty acid in your fat cells and stored glycogen or sugar in your muscles instead of the food you just ate, but you have a surge of human growth hormone and testosterone that can help double or increase the burning of body fat.” She added, “If I have to prepare someone for a role, I’m always looking to use tools that get them the biggest bang for their buck and in a very efficient way.”

Kelly sheds a light on Jennifer’s health and fitness approach in Body Love Every Day, the follow-up to her book Body Love. That 2017 bestseller broke down the certified holistic nutritionist’s theory about how to lose weight while focusing on the organic, whole foods that you can eat, rather than the things you should avoid. The foundation of Kelly’s Body Love approach to eating is including the Fab Four (protein, fat, fiber and leafy greens) in every single meal (from smoothies to salads) to keep you full and fueled, while feeding you essential nutrients.

“For me, it was about not thinking about what I couldn’t eat or what we shouldn’t eat, or coming from a place of deprivation, but instead coming from a place of abundance and nourishing foods; and having that quick checklist of things that, if you put them on your plate, you should feel positive about that meal.”

Kelly LeVeque
Celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque shares her tips in her new book, ‘Body Love Every Day.’ (Matthew Morgan Photography)

In Body Love Every Day, Kelly breaks her theory down even further into four practical 21-day eating plans that cover most lifestyles. Whether the reader is a Girl On The Go, a Domestic Goddess (like mom-of-three Jennifer Garner), a Plant-Based Devotee, or if she has an event to prep for and wants to get Red-Carpet Ready, the author has her covered. But, if you fancy mixing and matching, Kelly encourages that too. “Most people are multiple archetypes, if not all of them at certain points in their life,” she said.

“It’s just an education,” Kelly added. “I’m not trying to give people fish, I’m trying to teach them [how] to fish.” Body Love Every Day: Choose Your Life-Changing 21-Day Path To Food Freedom is out now.

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