Carrie Underwood’s Trainer Reveals The Four Minute Full-Body Workout That Will Whip You Into Shape

It's no secret that Carrie Underwood has an amazing toned figure & it's all thanks to her trainer, Erin Oprea, who shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY the four-minute full-body workout you should try ASAP!

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Just in time for the new year, Carrie Underwood’s, 36, trainer, Erin Oprea, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what workouts you should try at the gym to get your entire body toned, plus, her healthy diet tips. Erin shared the type of workout she swears by, and it’s not cardio. “Good ‘ol Marine Corps friend of mine is bodyweight training. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership or fancy equipment either,” she admitted. As for the top workouts she suggests, “Tabatas are some of my favorite things. It’s a high-intensity workout that only lasts four minutes. It’s 20-second bursts of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 total rounds. The simpler the exercises you plug into the timer, the better. Pushups inside a Tabata is one of the hardest routines there are!”

If you’re ready to get back into a fitness routine but don’t know where to start, Erin said, “Just start moving. Movement helps break cravings, gives you the energy to make you want to work out, and doesn’t have to be crazy hard. 10,000 steps a day is a perfect start and it is WALKING. I’ve had so many people kick start their goals because they made a serious effort to literally get off their bottom.”

The one trick to getting the best workout, Erin admits, is music. “Music is really a key to a successful workout for me. I want you to turn your workout into a party so I made the best playlist for you guys. It’s called Erin Oprea Workout Party and it’s on Spotify. Look it up!” To help you stick to your new year’s resolutions, Erin advised, “I often see that people set out with fitness goals but quickly lose motivation. Staying inspired is key to meeting any fitness goal, which is why I’ve partnered with Dymatize this year for the Resolve to Inspire campaign to encourage people to focus on the motivation behind their goals and find an awesome gym or community that helps keep that inspiration alive. Community and support groups are some of the biggest motivators you can have!”

Erin shared her ideal exercise routine that will whip you into shape in the new year, admitting, “I just released my brand new app called Pretty Muscles. It has daily workouts curated by me that change every day. With lots of fun games and Tabatas mixed in, it’ll keep you enjoying the workout and on your toes for what comes next. My app, Pretty Muscles, ALSO has nutrition! It’s a full meal plan that can sync straight into a shopping cart. It’ll deliver that food straight to your door if you want. It has breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and healthy desserts too. I snuck in a macro counter for those keeping close track. We have everything, oh yeah, oh yeah.”

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