Trisha Paytas Packs On The PDA With Jaclyn Hill’s Ex Jon & Fans Go Wild: ‘Cringe’ 

New couple alert! Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill posted various kissing pics and videos on Instagram, and fans of Jon's ex, Jaclyn, have a lot to say about it.

Trisha Paytas is flaunting her apparent new romance with Jon Hill in a major way on Instagram. The YouTube star posted videos of herself making out with Jon on her Instagram Story, as well as a pic to her page, where he’s kissing her on the cheek. “Can’t wait to get pregnant tonight,” she captioned the pic. “I F***ING LOVE U.” Trisha and Jon have their arms wrapped around each other in the image, and she has a huge smile on her face as she stares at the camera.

These photos and videos caused quite a reaction on social media, considering Jon is the ex-husband of another Internet personality, Jaclyn Hill. The two split during the spring of 2018, but fans still can’t believe that Trisha would go there with Jaclyn’s ex. “Why did I have to see Trisha Paytas making out with Jon Hill?” one person wrote on Twitter. Dozens of fans shared memes and GIFS to showcase their reactions to the kissing, and many featured eye rolls and cringe-y faces.

“Just woke up seeing Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill do a thing…Naaa, I’m going back to bed,” someone tweeted. Another person added, “Up at 5 am but #TrishaPaytas is trending so I’m going back to sleep…because clearly we are on some bulls*** today. ”

Meanwhile, Jaclyn doesn’t seem to be bothered by what’s going on with her ex. Following the posting of the photos and videos, she went on posting about seemingly mundane things on her own page. “My friend just gave me her corn dip recipe and I’m so excited to make it for New Year’s Eve!!” she tweeted. Either she hasn’t seen Trisha and Jon’s pics yet — or she just could not care less!

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