Justin Bieber: How He Really Feels About Getting Trolled By Drake

Drake jokingly edited one of Justin Bieber's recent photos at the William Allman ice hockey rink in Ontario to include himself as a kid and posted it to Instagram, and now we're learning exactly how the 'Baby' singer feels about it.

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Justin Bieber, 25, is absolutely loving Drake‘s latest trolling move in response to his hockey photos! The singer visited and rented out William Allman Arena, an ice hockey rink in Stratford Ontario, the rapper’s hometown, on Dec. 26, and posted various pics of himself playing with many friends, including Toronto Maple Leafs players Mitch Marner, 22, Tyson Barrie, 28, and Auston Matthews, 22.  When Drake, 33, saw the pics, he altered one of them to include a childhood photo of himself and made it look like he was posing with Justin and two of the guys, and it turns out that Justin thinks the whole things was hilarious.
“Justin’s friends with Drake and he thought his joke was hilarious, he didn’t take offense to it or take it seriously,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “It was actually a huge compliment for Justin because he thinks very highly of Drake, it was flattering! And Drake might actually get an invite next time, Justin would be happy to skate with him. But the question is will Drake actually be able to keep up? Justin takes hockey seriously and he’s really good, he’s been playing since he was five years old, it’s his thing. And so are his friends, in Stratford, hockey is life. Justin rented out his hometown arena for the game, it’s where he grew up going and playing so it was really extra special and no doubt he’ll do it again.”
Justin and Drake are fellow Canadians and hockey is one of the most popular sports in the country, so it’s no surprise that both guys would enjoy it and Drake’s edited photo seemed to indicate their similar love for it. “Justin thought it was hilarious of Drake to post that pic and knows he didn’t mean any harm by it,” another source EXCLUSIVELY said. “Justin and Drake have always had a playful banter with each other so when Justin saw what he posted, he cracked up.” Justin’s wife Hailey Baldwin, 23, also thought Drake’s move was funny. “Justin and Hailey had a good laugh about it and people shouldn’t be surprised if they see Justin come back at Drake with something just as funny,” the source explained.
Those speculating that Drake’s move hinted at a feud between him and Justin are barking up the wrong tree. “Drake and Justin are friends, all this was and will forever be is a joke because there is no feud between the two,” a third source EXCLUSIVELY confirmed. “Drake is Toronto through and through so he was jealous only because it was a cool thing and he had a fear of missing out on the moment and chose to joke about it because he knew Justin could take it and is looking forward to Justin’s joke on him. It’s almost something you’d see with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, they give each other crap but it is all just for the fun if it all.”

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