‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Sam Tells Egypt That Tee Tee Wants To Be With Him — Watch

Egypt better watch out for Tee Tee! Sam thinks that Tee Tee wants what Egypt has in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Dec. 26 episode of 'Growing Up Hip Hop.'

Egypt is so done with all the Tee Tee drama. “It’s just annoying after a while because how many times do I have to defend you?” Egypt says to her fiance, Sam, in this preview for the all-new episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. Egypt thinks that Tee Tee doesn’t like Sam, but that may not be the case at all. Egypt admits that she’s about reached her boiling point with Tee Tee. “If she keeps talking, I’m going to have to lash out. I’m going to have to tell her how it is,” Egypt continues.

Sam believes there’s something more at play here with Tee Tee. “I feel in every shape way or form, she wants to be you,” Sam tells Egypt. “She wants what you have. Let’s be real here. In past situations we’ve encountered Tee Tee, Tee Tee has either been too close to me or mad because I wouldn’t get too close to her.” Sam points out that even Egypt’s mom, Pepa, has noticed that Tee Tee is up to some sketchy stuff.

Sam adds, “She wants your man.” This definitely puts Egypt in an uncomfortable situation. Tee Tee is supposed to be her friend. Pepa has already called out Tee Tee for being “disrespectful” and getting involved in Egypt’s personal life. “Sam might not be for everybody but look the bottom line is he treats Egypt wonderful,” Pepa said.

Will this be the end of Egypt and Tee Tee’s friendship? The synopsis for the Dec. 26 episode reads: “JoJo seeks marriage advice from Rev Run; Pepa warns Tee Tee to stop meddling; Ava breaks down.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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