‘RHOC’ Reunion Part 2: Vicki Reveals She Has No Respect For Braunwyn After Kissing Tamra

In part two of the 'RHOC' reunion, Vicki insisted that Braunwyn and her wilder ways have 'destroyed' the show she created.

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Tensions were at an all-time high during part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special on Dec. 23, when Kelly Dodd and the “Tres Amigas” continued their debate about what went down at Miraval and Vicki Gunvalson made a shocking confession about Braunwyn. But first, let’s deal with Kelly — not only did she talk about all the rumors that were lobbied at her, but her feud with Vicki was replayed for all to see, and even though they yelled at each other some more, Vicki and Kelly eventually hugged backstage and promised (one again) to try and “be kind” to each other.

Later, Braunwyn was asked how she felt after learning that Vicki had called her “boring”, and she said that it “didn’t bother her” because she doesn’t believe that she’s boring. And then when Andy Cohen asked Vicki whether she still felt Braunwyn was boring, Vicki said that her nickname (“Boring-wyn”) originated from the fact that she had never met anyone with that same name. She also said that Braunwyn came onto the show aggressively “to try and make a mark” for herself, which she didn’t like, but Braunwyn said that’s just “who she is”. Yet, when Emily called Braunwyn out by asking, “Didn’t you tell Vicki that you didn’t like her, though, when you first met her?”, Braunwyn said she “did” and she still doesn’t like her. And Vicki said the “feeling is mutual”. When asked why she doesn’t like Braunwyn, Vicki told Andy that she “cheats” on her husband, so she has “zero respect” for her.

Andy, of course, pointed out that Vicki also cheated on her husband, which she acknowledged, but Vicki didn’t feel it was the same thing. And what’s funny is that Vicki was identifying Braunwyn’s threesomes with her husband as “cheating”. But Braunwyn, Andy, and everyone else didn’t really see it that way. But cheating or not, Vicki just doesn’t like Braunwyn. She even brought up Braunwyn’s same-sex kisses with Tamra and said she’s “destroying” the show she built 15 years ago by being so provocative on camera. “Turn it down” and “do it off camera”, Vicki told Braunwyn.

Want more drama? Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion airs Thursday, Dec. 26 at 10pm ET on Bravo.

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