Dove Cameron Honors Cameron Boyce With A Special Tattoo 5 Mos. After His Tragic Death

Dove Cameron honored her good friend and 'Descendants' co-star Cameron Boyce with a meaningful wrist tattoo 5 months after his devastating death. In a new video, she explains the powerful meaning behind her new ink.

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Dove Cameron finally decided on what tattoo to get in honor of her late friend, Cameron Boyce, who died in his sleep in July from an epilepsy-related seizure. The Descendants star, 23, revealed a new tattoo, her 11th, in a new day in the life video with Vogue, published on December 19. Dove visited her friends at LA’s Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo, where she inked an image of a revolver with a flower coming out of its muzzle on the side of her left wrist.

While on her way to the tattoo studio, following a rock-climbing session, Dove explained that she had been thinking about a tattoo to honor Cameron for some time. “I’ve settled on, I want to get a single needle, either a pistol or some type of firearm,” she said, explaining, “But, I want it to have a single rose or a little bouquet coming out of it because I am very anti-gun and I am very pro-gun regulation. And, it’s sort of a nationally recognized symbol for peace and for anti-gun movements.”

Dove went on to explain that her new ink honors Cameron’s Wielding Peace organization — a foundation on gun reform, in which he started before his death. It is now run by the Cameron Boyce Foundation. “My friend Cameron passed away a few months ago and he was starting this organization called Wielding Peace,” Dove said. “He wanted to get influential people holding things that sort of looked like they were in the shape of a gun but then it would be something artistic or peaceful. He did it with a bouquet of flowers, actually, and I think that that’s really beautiful, and I’ve been trying to think of a tattoo to get for him since he passed and i just felt that this one was really appropriate.”

As part of the “24 Hours with Vogue” video series, the magazine followed Dove’s day, which also included a studio session, a call with her manager, and a glam session for a Lancome event.

Cameron was just 20-year-old when he was found unresponsive in his North Hollywood home on July 6. At the time, his family revealed in a statement that the actor had passed due to a seizure.

“He passed away in his sleep due to a seizure, which was a result of an ongoing medical condition for which he was being treated,” the family said.

Cameron was best known for his starring roles in many popular Disney Channel franchises including, Jessie and Descendants. He also appeared in the films, Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2 and Eagle Eye. 

Dove previously told HollywoodLife that another Descendants movie without Cameron is unlikely to happen.

“What happened was so incredibly heart wrenching for all of us and something we could not recover from,” Dove told us in an exclusive interview earlier this month. “And so, I think that the idea of making another movie while it would be nostalgic for all of us, and while it would be healing in a lot of ways, it might also be super wrong,” she continued. “So, it could go either way and it depends on how we’re all feeling and I think that the beautiful thing that Disney has done is that they have very much created a safe space for the cast to be wherever they’re at. They canceled everything when Cameron passed and I know they want what’s in all of our best interests, so we’ll see. I doubt it, but we’ll see.”

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