Sena Kana ‘Honored To Make History’ By Becoming First Female Japanese Solo Artist To Go Gold

2019 is going out with a bang, Sena Kana, the global dance-pop sensation, just did what no other female Japanese act has ever done, and after this amazing accomplishment, she says the best is yet to come.

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Weeks before the New Year’s Eve fireworks go off, and we usher in the reboot of “the roaring twenties,” we have a reason to celebrate. Sena Kana, a pop-dance artist who has made bodies move and dreamers dream across the world, has officially arrived in the United States. The enchanting songstress teamed with Sheppard and Wiz Khalifa for “Up,” a mesmerizing energizing anthem that showcases the subtle strength of Sena’s silky, seductive vocals. Since its release, “Up” has generated over 75 million streams in the U.S., and the video has over 50 million views. So, this should come as no surprise: Sena is officially the first female solo act to be certified Gold in the United States! Not only that, she’s the first female Japanese artist to go Gold since the legendary Yoko Ono did so in 1984 (with John Lennon and Milk and Honey.) Such significance was not lost on the young Tokyo native.

“I am truly honored to make history and become the first female Japanese solo artist to be certified Gold,” Sena Kana says to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about this incredible accomplishment. She also hints that this is just the beginning of her Stateside success. “Even now, I am working on a huge project to deliver a ton of content to you all in the new year. I cannot wait to tell you all about this!”

It was only a matter of time that the United States fell in love with Sena. A lifelong music fan – who cites everyone from Diana Ross to Julie Andrews to The Beatles to Audrey Hepburn as music and style influences – Sena’s ambitions would lead her to a prestigious music academy in Japan. After learning fundamental music techniques (she excelled when playing Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” and “The Marriage of Figaro”), Sena applied her training to the world of pop music, melding the classical with the modern, the pop with the whimsical. The results speak for themselves, as her single “Up” has introduced her to American audiences in a huge way!

“I just hope that my music makes each and every person listening feel a sense of warmth,” shares Sena Kana. “I’m most energized when I know my songs are bringing people joy.” That dream has obviously come true. With a Gold record, and a new year (with the promise of new music), there’s no limit on Sena’s success. She’s just going to continue to go up, and up, and up!

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