‘RHOD’ Star Stephanie Hollman Teases Season 4 Reunion Will Be ‘Dark, Crazy’ & ‘Unexpected’

Stephanie Hollman spilled about LeeAnne Locken's wedding (and the lack of food), her drama with BFF Brandi Redmond and her future on 'RHOD'!

Stephanie Hollman
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Stephanie Hollman, 37, is teasing the upcoming reunion on Real Housewives of Dallas — and it sounds more dramatic than ever! “It’s the craziest reunion I think I’ve ever been a part of,” she spilled to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It was very dark — dark and crazy and a little unexpected at times…I think a few people walked away who were fine before and maybe not after. It’s a really good reunion.” Stephanie has has had no shortage of drama on Real Housewives of Dallas — especially when it comes to her feud with BFF Brandi Redmond and her thoughts on the lack of food at LeeAnne Locken‘s wedding.

“It was really difficult to live,” admitted about her argument with Brandi, who is one of her closest confidantes. “Season two is really, really hard because it was an organic friendship, my best friend that I’ve had for over a decade. As long as she and I are good, I feel like everything else is so much easier because a lot of the other relationships are new and you don’t have that history. As difficult as it is, I know it’s never going to be as hard as it was season two, unless we fight again, which I’m hoping does not happen.”

Outspoken Stephanie also didn’t hold back her opinions about the — erm — lack of food at LeeAnne’s wedding to longtime love Rich Emberlin. “My opinion still is … I think if she would have said, ‘There’s no food. Please eat beforehand,’ it would have been different, but I had food before, but other people didn’t and if you’re drinking a ton and you’re starving, it’s just not a good combination,” Stephanie admitted. “[It didn’t have to be] sit down, but a buffet or passed hors d’oeuvres or something.” The dining situation definitely comes up at the reunion, according to Stephanie, and we can’t wait to hear what the rest of the ladies –including LeeAnne herself — have to say about the situation!

When it comes to feuds, the Oklahoma native has learned her lesson about when to get involved in other people’s drama — and when to stay here. “If it’s something that I really believe in, I’ll say something, but if it’s a real petty fight, I usually don’t get into it because then it’s just not worth it,” she continued. “I kind of pick and choose where to have a voice and an opinion, but I stay out of really silly drama… I think the thing with LeeAnne’s her dress [for example] mean and that I feel like that’s when you should come in and say stuff, but other times I just feel like if somebody is having a really simple quarrel, why get in the middle of it?”

Stephanie also gave props to Kary Brittingham, who “has no problem with drama either so … Brandy has no problem speaking her mind [as well],” she spilled/ “I think there are other women, I think they’re just a different kind of drama than went LeeAnne brings, so I think we have a really good cast. I really do.”

When it comes to her future on the show, Stephanie doesn’t see herself departing RHOD anytime soon. I don’t want to be that person that kind of overstays her welcome and I think sometimes that happens to where … But I think whenever I have nothing to give and I feel like I’m depleted and I can do a good job or be a good cast member, I think then I would bow out as well because I don’t want to go out whenever people are so over you, they’re like, “Thank God she’s gone.” I kind of want to just stay until it feels like it’s time and I think you’ll know when it’s time.”

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