‘The Resident’s Manish Dayal Teases ‘Pressure’ For Devon & The ‘Biggest Threat’ Yet

'The Resident' midseason finale is about to be a game-changer. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Manish Dayal about Devon's last day as an intern and the 'biggest threat' facing the Chastain doctors.

The Resident
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From Red Rock keeping a close eye on Conrad to Cain’s increasingly shady tactics, The Resident has been building to an intense fall finale. When it comes to The Resident, you can always expect the unexpected. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Manish Dayal about the fall finale and what to expect going forward. “I think this fall finale is going to be the most riveting episode of the season because you’re going to see every character go on a new journey. They’re going to be thwarted into new issues and problems they have never ever experienced before. You’re going to see them faced with challenges like no other, particularly Conrad. The fall finale is where we all come full circle and we’re all faced with the biggest challenge we’ve had so far at Chastain. The biggest challenge and the biggest threat.”

The fall finale will also be Devon’s last day as an intern. He’ll be graduating to a second-year resident which will feature all kinds of new challenges for him. “I think the pressure’s on,” Manish continued. “He has to dive into his new life, this autonomy, and independence that he has. He has to make real decisions and he can’t have somebody looking after him anymore. He has to really rely on his instincts, rely on the things that Conrad has taught him, and go forth and prosper. I think he’s going to discover where his skills are. Are they in the ER? Are they in internal medicine? What are the conflicts between these two departments? How do they interact with each other? We’re going to see that in the coming episodes and it’s going to be really interesting.”

Devon and Conrad’s relationship has faced immense tension over the course of the season as they haven’t seen eye-to-eye about patients. However, Devon came through for Conrad and even lied for him during Conrad’s deposition. Manish stressed that Devon and Conrad are in a “new phase” of their relationship. “I think their relationship has reached a new level,” Manish said. “I think they both respect each other in new ways now. There’s a line that Conrad says, ‘We’re very different people.’ I think they both come to terms with that fact and they’ve come to respect and really appreciate each other’s methods. I think that’s going to really help their relationship and it’s also going to be great for the story because they are different doctors. They do have conflicting ideas and thoughts. That’s only going to be better for their patients and really better for the stories that they’re a part of in the show.”

Manish also teased that all of the Chastain doctors will “all have to come together and help each other out and really look after Conrad and support him. It’s going to be a really interesting next batch of episodes that I think the fans are going to really enjoy and latch onto.”

The actor discussed Devon’s shocking move to lie under oath for Conrad. “I think I was shocked because it’s not something Devon would innately do,” Manish told HollywoodLife. “But one thing to remember is that patient care is very important to Devon and he knows that Conrad is the best doctor for the patients. Ultimately, he had to make a larger decision and that decision transcended his beliefs in that moment. That’s why he did what he did to ultimately protect the patients that come into Chastain.” However, Manish added, “I don’t think Devon thought he was going to when he walked into that room. I think the decision to make that choice happened when he was faced with everyone at that table.” The Resident season 3 will return for all-new episodes on Jan. 7.

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