‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Ashley & Bar Take Steps To Move On After Their Split

After Ashley learned that Bar got a face tattoo, during the Dec. 17 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant', she said she felt that much more 'secure' in her decision to break up with him.

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So Bar doesn’t have a job, has yet to graduate from high school, and was recently dumped by his girlfriend, Ashley Jones — for those very reasons — yet he decided to go and get himself a face tattoo during the Dec. 17 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Meaning, it’ll now be so much harder for him to get someone to hire him. At least, that’s how Ashley said she felt, when she told her friend about Bar’s new ink. After seeing that he not only got a “banner” tattooed above his eyebrows, but took their daughter with him to the tattoo studio, Ashley realized that she made the right decision by breaking up with Bar. So in turn, Ashley made some plans to head back to LA and spend some time with a new “friend”.

Meanwhile, Kayla reached a breaking point with Stefan when he missed yet another visit with their son, Izaiah. Apparently, he overslept, and when she started yelling at him for it, he told her to back off. Then, he made a snide comment about her having another baby with another man, so she took the phone call outside and started screaming at him. She also said that she’ll no longer allow him to see Izaiah because he doesn’t seem to care about him anyway.

Later, Rachel struggled to fit Drew into Hazelee’s life after his first visit caused a lot of drama between her and Jacob. They actually broke over over Drew’s first visit with Hazelee, and then she hooked up with Drew to get back at Jacob, so now she doesn’t want to see Drew. And Rachel still wants to get back together with Jacob, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. And she refused to get a paternity test for Hazelee because if she finds out that Jacob’s not her father, she fears he’ll never want to get back together with her.

Finally, Brianna became frustrated after Braeson‘s dad contacted her, saying he wants to be in his life again, and then changed his mind — yet again — just a few days later. Her mom urged her to see a lawyer and get Braeson’s dad to pay child support, but Brianna doesn’t want him in Braeson’s life at all, so she struggled with making a decision about that this week.

Oh, and Kaya and Teazha both lost their temper during a fight over their past indiscretions.

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