Selena Gomez Shares Wild Story About How She ‘Soiled’ Herself On The Way To An Ed Sheeran Concert 

Selena Gomez got seriously candid a new interview on Dec. 17! The singer revealed that she once 'soiled' her pants while stuck in traffic, heading to an Ed Sheeran concert! Watch her explain the messy moment and how she covered it up.

Selena Gomez has no shame in her game! The singer, 27, left out no details about the time she wet her pants in public during an appearance on KISS FM UK’s breakfast show on Tuesday, December 17. Selena’s confession came during a game of “Liar Liar”, where she had to tell two lies and one truth. — An acting performance the hosts called “very good” and one of the best they’ve seen from a celeb after they couldn’t figure out which story was the truth.

“Me and my friends love going to concerts back home and Ed Sheeran was playing at the Hollywood Bowl,” Selena said, explaining, “There was so much traffic and I was very uncomfortable, let’s say down there in that area,” she said as she pointed downward.

“So, I will say that it was the first time I had maybe soiled my pants a little bit. And, I was not excited, but I didn’t want to leave, so I kind of was like I’m gonna put a little sweater in the bottom of me… and made it through the concert,” she concluded, laughing at the hilarious moment, which the hosts weren’t sure at the time if it had actually happened or not.

Selena’s other two stories included a time at her cousin’s wedding when her Godson “grabbed chunks of the cake” and began throwing it during the nuptials, along with a time when she learned how to use weapons and attack a lion.

Both hosts went on to guess the story about her Godson throwing chunks of the cake to be her one truth. However, Selena quickly corrected them and revealed that it was the time she soiled her pants that had actually gone down.

Selena’s admission came during her press tour to promote her new breakup-inspired songs, “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look At Her Now”.  Most recently, she’s been traveling around the UK, where she dropped some relationship tidbits in a separate interview

As for what she looks for in her ideal man? — “I love funny. I don’t like arrogant,” Sel told the U.K.’s Capital FM during an interview on Monday, December 16. “I don’t like, you know, show-offy. I love playful, adventurous, but really down-to-earth and cool.” When it comes to how she meets guys, Selena admitted that she prefers group situations because, “I find that’s what makes me comfortable.”

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