Kenya Moore Mocks ‘Bipolar’ NeNe Leakes’ Use Of A Life Coach: ‘She’s Failing Her’

Don't expect Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes to be breaking bread together anytime soon. After NeNe's confession that she misses her sisterhood of women on the Dec. 15 episode of 'RHOA', Kenya called her 'bipolar' on 'WWHL' and questioned if her life coach is even real!

Kenya Moore isn’t buying NeNe Leakes‘ comments about wanting her sisterhood back. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 48, slammed her costar, 52, after last night’s episode, in which NeNe told her life coach that she wants her “sisterhood” of women back in her life — but, she didn’t want to apologize to get them back. “She’s all over the place, it’s very bipolar,” Kenya told Andy Cohen on the December 15 episode after he played a clip of NeNe’s session with her life coach.

As for her reaction to the clip, Kenya asked, “Is that a real life coach? Because, she’s failing her.” Elsewhere in the clip, NeNe told her life coach that while at Marlo Hampton‘s recent event, Kenya showed up with a marching band. NeNe said that she ended up leaving the event because if she had stayed she would’ve ended up “cussing her out,” in reference to Kenya.

Andy then asked Kenya, “Is there something to be said that she removed herself from the situation before turning it up with you?” — But, she didn’t see NeNe’s move as noble. That’s when she accused her of acting “bipolar.” Kenya also laughed at NeNe when Andy said she sought the advice of her life coach because she was “lost on her spiritual journey.”

Kenya’s shade may have been in response to an appearance NeNe made on the November 24 episode of WWHL, where she shaded Kenya while answering a fan who asked if she could say three nice things about Kenya.

“I think she has nice contacts, I think she has a nice grade of hair,” NeNe began, to which fellow guest on the show, Kelly Rowland, stepped in and urged her to say a “real” nice thing about Kenya. “Those are so real!”, NeNe replied, adding her final compliment: “I think the line around her lip is nice.” 

Ahead of last night’s episode, NeNe took to Instagram to share a clip of herself singing Cardi B‘s “Press” — an anthem to haters about always being a topic of conversation. NeNe captioned the post, slamming her RHOA costars.

“Tune in RHOA TONIGHT and watch these girls slander me per usual.” she wrote. “Like i’ve have become a punching bag for them and others at this point for real. If they didn’t talk about me, what the hell would they talk about! Oh i forgot EACH OTHER like they already do @bravotv 8pm”.

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