Kardashian Family Chef Sara Motamedi Reveals What She Cooks For North West & The Other Kids

Chef Sara Motamedi has cooked several meals for the Kardashian family and she reveals there's not much off limits when it comes to the kids' palettes.

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Image Credit: HollywoodLife

Chef Sara Motamedi has been cooking for the Kardashian family ever since she took it upon herself to knock on her neighbor, Kris Jenner’s, 64, door with her  infamous cinnamon rolls after both Kim Kardashian West, 39, and Kylie Jenner, 22, had babies and instantly the family was hooked. Now with the kids eating solids and getting older, she loves cooking for many more mouths, like North West, 6,  who loves trying all kinds of fun foods. “They’re not picky eaters,” Sara told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when we visited her home for a cooking demo on Oct. 10. “Some of the kids are picky with maybe fish or chicken, but they eat everything. Everybody pretty much eats everything. Nothing is really banned, unless they’re allergic to it. But they like clean, healthy cooking. They all eat everything as long as it’s clean, organic. They all love organic food. Kourtney is all about organic and gluten free is very important to her.”

Cooking for kids can be challenging, especially when there are so many different likes and dislikes. Sara recalled one time in particular during filming of an episode of the family’s hit E! series, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ where she not only watched the kids gobble up her cuisine, but the show’s crew, too. “We did oat-crusted chicken tenders,” Sara said. “They didn’t know it was oat-crusted. They ate it up. And I’ve just recently ran into the crew and they were like, “Oh my God, those chicken tenders were amazing. The other thing they love, is they love steak. I’ve made filet for them, seared and baked for them in the oven. They love that. Gluten free pasta I make for them, mac and cheese, gluten free. They have a beautiful palate, because they’re surrounded by these adults that eat all this great food.”

Although Sara claims the kids really aren’t that picky, some are a little more adventurous with their eating than others. “I made a cherry rice for them once and Mason and Penelope were a little like “Cherry rice?” Sara revealed. “And they had a few friends over. That became everyone’s favorite. Nobody had thought of sweet cherry rice and it was everyone’s favorite.”

With so many family members these days, it’s amazing how Sara accommodates everyone’s dietary needs and restrictions, which she admitted she gets a little help with. “How it happens is I ask the producers or the assistants of allergies,” Sara said. “And that’s my most crucial point of cooking. So if anyone’s allergic to any nuts or dairy, I know that. Then there’s gluten free options, that has to be there. But other than that, they’re really quite simple. We do sliders, we’ve done turkey burgers for them. They’re not big meat eaters, the girls, they don’t really eat too much red meat.”

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