‘L&HH: Hollywood’ Reunion: A1 Denies New Cheating Claims After Betraying Lyrica With Summer Bunni

A1 and Lyrica Anderson revealed their current relationship status during the 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' reunion special on Dec. 9.

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Image Credit: VH1

A1 and Lyrica Anderson are very much not together anymore, which is one of the many things they revealed during the Dec. 9 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. This week’s installment of the reality TV series also served as the first part to the reunion special, so a lot was divulged in the span of just 60 minutes. Obviously, A1 and Lyrica had been trying to work things out all season long, and part of the reason for their strife was the fact that A1 cheated with Summer Bunni. But during the reunion, he wanted to make one thing clear — “I did not cheat on you after we renewed our vows. That was before that sh*t. Summer Bunni was before the vow renewal,” A1 said.

A1 also said that he is “remorseful” for what he did, but he has also been “hurt too” and he wants everyone to understand that. “Everybody just want to bash A-1, yo know what I’m sayin’?” he said. A1’s mom, Pam Bentley, also tried defending her son, but Lyrica wanted her to mind her own business. “We’re not badgering him. Pam, you have to stop spoiling him,” Lyrica yelled. “You have to stop enabling him. The things that he’s done to me and the way that he’s handled it is because of your raising him that way.”

Then, A1 revealed that he hated taking a DNA test to prove he’s Ocean‘s dad because now he has to hear about it all the time at work. And following that emotional reveal, Ray J stepped in to defend his friend. “A-1 is my friend, so I want to make sure that his heart is protected through all of this as well,” Ray J said. “We talk about doin’ right, we talk about bein’ faithful, we talk about walking down the right path. That’s what we do that as friends and I’m just saying I got his back.”

But despite what anyone said to try and make A1 look good in Lyrica’s eyes, they’re still not together. Lyrica revealed that she definitely moved out, and A1 said, “I don’t even know where the f*** she lives,” to which Lyrica said, “Yeah, you don’t.”

Want more drama? Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion airs next Monday, Dec. 16 at 8pm on VH1.

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