Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Abs While Modeling Kim Kardashian’s Comfy New SKIMs Line — Watch

Kylie Jenner rocked some skimpy SKIMs on Instagram, showing off how amazing her stomach looks in just a bra and leggings from her sister's solutionwear line!

Kylie Jenner
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The latest celebrity to endorse Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMs line is her own sister, Kylie Jenner! Kylie rocked two pieces from Kim’s ultra popular new “solutionwear” collection on Snapchat, and she made them look super comfortable — and super hot. For the cute video, which you can watch below, Kylie slipped on a white shelf bra and matching, high-waisted leggings that perfectly complement her famous curves, as she poses on her balcony and tosses her hair back and forth. The skimpy outfit highlights her tiny waist and flat stomach, too.

SKIMs has become a major hit among celebrities, not just Kim’s own sisters. Selena Gomez caused a minor uproar in October when she posted an Instagram selfie showing herself rocking a piece from SKIMs, which appeared to be the $62 onyx sculpting bodysuit. She looked adorable in the bodysuit, which she praised for being “legit so freaking comfortable.” Slight problem, which fans gently pointed out: the person who owns the comfy shapewear line happens to be her best friend, Taylor Swift‘s mortal enemy. Oops! Selena quickly deleted that and replaced it with a pic of herself and her “ride or die,” Tay.

SKIMs also got a celeb endorsement from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna. Lisa gave Kim her seal of approval by first dancing around in a nude SKIMs bodysuit on Instagram — and then starring in a 1990s-style infomercial parody for the brand! That’s a must-see.

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Kylie’s all about showing off her figure on Instagram and Snapchat — duh. The last time was in a scandalous video taken during bedtime, where she stripped down to just a matching, pink bra and underwear set. Doesn’t look as comfy as her SKIMs, but definitely just as sexy!

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