‘RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Goes Off On Hubby Todd Tucker For Partying Just Days After Birth Of Baby Girl  

Kandi Burruss gave husband Todd Tucker the business in a new vlog the couple shared about being new parents again in their 40s. She admitted that he pissed her off after partying with Apollo Nida just days after welcoming their baby girl, Blaze!

Kandi Burruss got so fed up with her husband’s “hands-off” approach to parenting their new baby girl, Blaze, that she even suggested they go to marriage counseling! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 43, explained all the ways her hubby, Todd Tucker, 46, has been pushing her buttons in a new vlog (seen above) the couple shared on her YouTube channel on December 2, titled “Kandi & Todd Baby Update.”

The singer and businessman welcomed their second child together via surrogate — a baby girl named Blaze Tucker on Friday, November 23. Kandi and Todd are already parents to son Ace Wells, 3. The singer is also mom to daughter Riley, 17, and stepmom to Todd’s 22-year-old daughter Kaela.

When talking about being “new parents again in their 40s,” the pair almost immediately began arguing in over Todd’s apparent lack of caring for their new baby. Apparently, Todd spent two nights out of the house after the birth of Blaze, to party in the club, according to Kandi, who said “he shut the club down.” And, one of those nights he partied with Apollo Nida, the ex-husband of former RHOA star, Phaedra Parks. Fans of the show will know that Apollo has been in and out of prison after he was originally sentenced to eight years behind bars for fraud and identity theft in 2014.

“If you want to talk about what I’ve been complaining about the past few days, he pissed me off, OK!”, Kandi said. “Like, seriously, I told him, ‘Sir, we need to go to counseling, because I don’t like you right now,'” she recalled before Todd chimed in and admitted, “She did say that she didn’t like me.”

Kandi then went into more detail about why Todd angered her. “I didn’t like him, I felt he was being selfish. To me, we got a new baby, obviously when it’s time to do the late night hours, he just don’t try to chip in whatsoever,” she admitted. “I have to do late night hours,” she said, before he called a “Time out” because his excuse was that he’s sleeping during night hours. (Clearly, Todd’s not getting the point here.)

“Once again, like he did with Ace, this is where he really pissed me off is that he wanted to go out to the club and she ain’t even a week old yet! — Two nights in a row!”, Kandi went off. Todd argued back with, “You already knew about the two nights and you were gone!” However, Kandi defended herself by explaining that she was traveling for work.

“He decide he wanna go out, and go to the club. She ain’t even a week old yet…TWO nights in a row!”, she said, admitting that she told Todd she was hurt by him going out and “kicking it in the streets” while she was home alone with the baby. Kandi then added that she thought Todd would take her feelings as an indication to pitch in more. Watch it all go down in the video, above.

Kandi’s journey with surrogacy has been documented on season 12 of RHOA. And, in the show’s premiere, which aired earlier this month, the singer revealed that her surrogate was initially pregnant with twins, but one of the embryos was lost.

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