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Camila Cabello Reveals How Shawn Mendes Makes Her ‘Feel Loved’ & How Their Romance Impacts Her

Camila Cabello jumped onto a Twitter Q&A to answer all our most pressing questions about her love life. How does Shawn Mendes meet the needs of her love languages, and how has their relationship changed her life?

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The name of Camila Cabello’s upcoming sophomore album is Romance, and to hype up its release on Dec. 6, the 22-year-old singer answered fans’ romance-related questions on Twitter! We learned what makes Camila’s love clock tick in the Spotify-hosted Q&A session on Dec. 4, as she answered questions like, “What are the little things that makes you feel loved?” Camila has experience in the field of feeling loved, seeing that she’s in the honeymoon phase with her longtime friend-turned-lover Shawn Mendes, 21!

“Little things that make me feel loved…well, my love languages are touch, and words of affirmation,” Camila revealed, referring to the ultimate canon for sweethearts, Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages (the other three languages are acts of service, receiving gifts and quality time). Camila elaborated on what kinds of “touch” and “words” she likes, adding, “So, I like cuddles…and people telling me sweet things.”

Camila delved even more into her personal life after being asked, “How has love or ‘romance’ impacted in your life positively and negatively during this year?” Camila proved just how happy she really is with Shawn, answering, “I think that ‘love’ or romance affects my life positively in that, I think it just makes me get to know myself more. I think anytime you’re with another person it actually teaches you a lot about yourself and obviously being in love is the best feeling in the entire world.” But the Fifth Harmony alum also explored her vulnerable side for part two of her answer, adding, “And negatively, it’s just the strongest feeling in the entire world, so you really, you know, really feel everything intensely. So you feel fear intensely, you feel hurt intensely.”

Camila didn’t need to tell us that being in love is “the best feeling in the entire world.” Her PDA with Shawn alone has conveyed that message! The pop stars have been inseparable ever since becoming an official couple on the Fourth of July (when they’re not on the road, that is), and Camila even had to defend a specific PDA incident of theirs — we’re referring to the infamous Instagram makeout video, of course.

While visiting BBC Radio One’s Breakfast show in November, a caller dissed Camila for French kissing her beau for all to witness on Instagram. In defense of their steamy video, Camila told the caller that she has become “desensitized” to people snapping photos of her and Shawn engaging in PDA. With that said, she added, “You’re like, ‘Well, might as well make out on Instagram.’ Might as well.” She has a good point. Let Camila enjoy the romance in her life, so that she can continue being our Twitter love guru!