‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Brianna Suffers From A Health Scare & Races To The ER

The stress of connecting with Braeson's dad started to take a toll on Brianna during the Dec. 3 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant'.

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Yikes! Brianna Jaramillo was experiencing severe stomach pains during the Dec. 3 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. In fact, her aches became so bad that her mom had to take her to the hospital. And Brianna doesn’t have any health insurance, so going to the hospital was the last thing that she wanted to do. However, both her mom and nurse feared that Brianna may have needed to get her gallbladder removed. Fortunately, she didn’t, but the doctors ran numerous tests to try and find out what was wrong with Brianna, and even then, they couldn’t come up with an answer. So after 24 hours in the hospital, and no diagnosis, Brianna racked up at least $8,000 in medical bills. And after all of that, Brianna feared that the stress of connecting with Braeson‘s dad could have been what was making her feel the way she did, so she told her mom that she was going to go back to her therapist.

Meanwhile, Kayla and Luke had a gender reveal party, during which they learned they’re expecting a girl, and Stephan took his girlfriend to Florida to meet his mom. Kayla was pretty upset about it because Stephan was supposed to have a visit with their son, but instead, he was off having fun with his girlfriend. Plus, during his visit, Stephan’s mom told him that he needs to get caught up on his child support so that he can go to court and fight for 50/50 custody of Izaiah, so once that happens, we can only imagine Kayla will become even more upset.

Later, even though Bar went to Ashley‘s mom’s birthday party and had a good time with everyone, they both soon realized that they weren’t on the same page about their relationship status. Apparently, they recently had sex with each other, so he thought they were still kind of “together”, but Ashley told him that she only sees him as a friend. At least, that’s how it’ll be until he gets his life together and starts proving to her that he’s worthy of being something more in her life.

Finally, Rachel’s birthday didn’t go exactly as she planned because she just wanted to go out and get drunk, while her mom wanted her to stay home and celebrate with them. In the end, all was fine, and Rachel’s mom forgave her for going out with her friends.

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