‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion: Leah & Jeremy Reveal Their Relationship Status, Throw Shade At Corey

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert reunited at the 'Teen Mom 2' reunion, and dished on their current relationship status, as well as why they're not currently happy with Corey Simms.

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The first part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special aired on Dec. 3, and just as we expected, it was jam-packed full of drama. Especially when it came to Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert. They had tried rekindling their romance throughout the latter half of Season 9, but when it became too difficult to plan a simple dinner date, Leah ended things and told Jeremy that they should stop hooking up with each other. So where do they stand today, then? Well, Leah revealed their status when she told host Nessa, “I feel like, yes, [it’s over between me and Jeremy],” before adding, “And I’m still growing in my life, so I’m just not ready to be exclusive with anyone honestly.” Then, when Nessa asked Leah if she’s dating anyone, she said, “I’m talking to other people — depends how you classify ‘dating’. But I’ve always been honest with Jeremy. We were both talking to other people the entire time [we tried rekindling our romance].”

Later, when Jeremy joined Leah on stage, he shared how he currently feels about her. “Sometimes I kind of wish I took her to dinner,” he told Nessa, before explaining to fellow host Dr. Drew that he has “a lot of regret” about how things went down between them — both in the past, and in the present. Not only did Jeremy say he wished that he was a better husband to Leah “when she was not healthy”, but he said he also wished things had worked out when they tried rekindling their romance. “I’ll always love [Leah],” he confessed to the reunion’s co-hosts.

Then, when the discussion turned to Leah’s other ex, Corey Simms, things took a turn for the worst. Earlier, Leah had said her co-parenting relationship with Corey was “great”, but she also admitted that she rarely sees Corey’s wife Miranda anymore. She didn’t elaborate on that too much, but did say that her twin daughters had expressed some concerns about Miranda. Apparently, they claimed that Miranda didn’t really allow them to call Leah whenever they were visiting, so Leah asked the girls to express their concern to their dad. And now, according to Leah, things have improved. But Jeremy still has some concerns of his own, which he revealed to Dr. Drew and Nessa.

When his own relationship with Corey was brought up, Jeremy said, they no longer get along. “[Well], we get along — I just don’t agree with a lot of s***,” he further explained. “She’s the only one that goes to Ali’s appointments. Corey hasn’t attended her appointments in Columbus in who knows how long. And then, [Leah] can’t take their twins to their stepmom and drop them off, she has to wait for Corey. [Miranda] wants zero to do with the twins. Zero. And it’s obvious to anybody in the world.” Dr. Drew said that didn’t sound like the Miranda he previously met, but Leah said she feels “there’s definitely something going on.”

Jeremy further said that he feels Corey “uses” Leah, and relies on her to take care of the twins. He also said he’d never pull Corey aside to talk about it because “it would not end well.” Dr. Drew said he remembered when Corey and Miranda used to be “very involved” in Ali’s appointments, but Jeremy claimed that that was only so they could “show face” during their custody battle with Leah. Leah added that “it matters what medical appointments you go to,” when fighting for custody. But despite their current situation, Leah said she hopes that they can all get along with each other again someday.

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