Tiny Admits She Put Herself ‘Out There’ While Married To T.I. & Reveals Why She Never Divorced Him

You may have seen pics of Tiny with other guys while married to T.I., but that doesn't mean she ever cheated. She explained the truth in the couple's shocking 'Red Table Talk' interview.

T.I. Tiny
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After explaining his side to the “hymengate” controversy, T.I. and Tiny’s Red Table Talk appearance got down to the nitty gritty of their marriage. In part two of their buzzed-about interview, the couple discussed his past infidelity, while Tiny revealed something shocking: she “put herself out there” while they were married, too. “You were out with women all on the ‘gram. You relieved yourself,” Tiny said to her husband during their December 2 Red Table Talk interview. To which T.I. replied, “we both enjoyed ourselves.” Tiny then admitted, “we both have been out there [with other people] a little bit — but mine as not been as extensive as yours.”

Tiny later clarified that she never cheated on T.I. “I never, ever, ever, ever had sex with anybody other than you while we’ve been married,” she assured her husband. “So, that’s the real. You’ve seen me out with people [but] we never had any sexual encounter, ever.” Tiny also revealed why she didn’t divorce T.I. despite serving him with papers in March 2017. The couple had been married for six years at that point, and Tiny lost her “trust” in him after rumors he cheated.

“He changed. He changed back,” Tiny explained to host Jada Pinkett Smith, also addressing her husband: You came back as if you really wanted to work things out and really wanted the relationship. Before… he was kind of like… the grass is greener over here, so that’s what I’m doing. Until, I guess, you figured out it wasn’t.” Their marriage is stronger than ever now, though, two years after being on the brink of divorce, a source close to the couple told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“It got a little tense between them. A lot of emotions came up [during their Red Table Talk interview] and it was tough, but ultimately it was good and their marriage is just fine. Sharing their truth like that in a safe space was actually really cathartic,” the source said.

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