‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Preview: Ashley Shares Her Hopes For The Future With Bar After Split

'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' star Ashley Jones opened up about whether or not her ex Bariki 'Bar' Smith should attend her mom Tea's birthday party in an EXCLUSIVE video for the upcoming episode of the MTV series.

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnants Ashley Jones had a dilemma on the upcoming episode of the MTV series and it involved her ex-fiance Bariki “Bar” Smith. The mother of two-year-old Holly, who she shares with Bar, sat down with her mother, Tea, to discuss whether or not she should invite him to Tea’s upcoming birthday party, in an EXCLUSIVE video obtained by HollywoodLife. In the clip, Tea explains to her daughter that she wants to plan some small celebration for her special day and was wondering if she should invite Bar or not.

“It’s up to you,” Ashley says to her mother in response. Tea was hesitant however. “I think it’s going to be a minute before I can totally allow him back in the graces that he was in but I think at the christening, the conversation we had kind of set a new boundary and I hope he understands it,” she explained.

“I mean, I feel like Bar often times is calm and cool, it’s just that when he goes to the extreme, he goes to the extremist of the extremes,” Ashley responded. “It’s like usually his demeanor is chill so I feel like he be cool. I can tell when he be tripping and I can tell when he be cool. I know he could use a home-cooked meal. That’s what I know.”

Tea agreed laughed while agreeing before she shared more thoughts about spending time with Bar. “Yeah, I think it’s time we all get under one roof and kinda just party it up and have fun,” she said. Ashley went on to express her own feelings about the possibility of Bar and her family coming together like they did in the past, and admitted that although she’s happy about it, she is still not sure about everything.

“I guess it’s like I am happy that you’re in a space where you feel like you’re ready to start welcoming him again,” she said to Tea. “But, I mean, it’s kind of tricky because I don’t know all what things that he should be involved, now not being a boyfriend of fiance, just being a baby father. But I always say I want him to be able to be at family sh*t, you know, that’s cool that he could be at the family stuff and feel like, you know, that we his people too.” Tea continued to agree with her daughter while explaining Bar is “family” no matter how many arguments and disagreements they get into.

Ashley and Tea’s talk comes after the young parent split from her former fiance in Dec. 2018 after having an up and down relationship for four years. They had their fair share of public disagreements on the show and social media, including a time when Ashley accused Bar of not financially contributing to Holly’s life and spending all his free time playing video games, but they later deleted their shady tweets and agreed to work on healthy co-parenting.

The new episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant airs on Dec. 3 at 9/8c on MTV.

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