‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Lyrica Tells A1 She Wants ‘A Divorce’ After Major Fight In The Park

Lyrica Anderson made a final decision about her marriage with A1, during the Dec. 2 season finale of 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'.

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After a season full of cheating drama that led to both on-again and off-again phases in their marriage, Lyrica Anderson finally said “goodbye” to her husband, A1, during the Dec. 2 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. It wasn’t an easy decision for her, but one she said that she had to make in order to maintain her sanity. “A1 hurt me to my core and I’m really having trouble looking at him the same way,” she revealed during a private confessional. Then, when she met with K. Michelle and her mom for dinner, she revealed, “I am contemplating getting my own place.” K. Michelle wanted to know whether or not that meant that Lyrica was finally closing the door on her relationship with A1, but at the time, she still wasn’t sure. She explained, “I think from not having a father and just like, maybe my twin sister passing, I got a little abandonment issues, so I think the word ‘done’ is very scary to me.”

However, later in the episode, Lyrica’s fears quickly dissolved during a heated discussion with A1 in the park. “I hear you still stay out all night,” she told him, while acknowledging that his behavior hasn’t gotten any better since they split. But he said he’s not the only one to blame. He said he thinks that she also cheated on him, and he should have never had to take a DNA test to find out whether or not Ocean is his son. So basically, they just kept yelling back and forth at each other until Lyrica had enough, told him she wants “a divorce”, and told him to “have a nice life.” She then walked away and said, “Goodbye”.

So is this really the end for Lyrica and A1? According to Lyrica, it is. She said she got her own place and she just wants to focus on herself for now. But when A1 told Ray J and Princess Love what had happened, Ray J seemed optimistic. He told A1 that maybe Lyrica just needs some space before realizing they’re meant for each other. But only time will tell whether or not that ends up being true.

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