‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott Reveals His Ideal Date Amid Zooey Deschanel Romance

No wonder Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott’s love is going strong. The ‘Property Brothers’ star EXCLUSIVELY tells us his ideal date night, and it’s so sweet, it’ll make anyone swoon.

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The romance between Jonathan Scott, 41, and Zooey Deschanel, 39, is so electrifying, it could power the whole country for a month. Since Jonathan and Zooey went public with their love, their relationship seems to be getting stronger with every passing day. It helps that Jonathan is a self-described “cornball” romantic. The Property Brothers star spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife while promoting his partnership, and during the conversation, Jonathan discussed his perfect date, his family’s love of Jaguar, the 2020 Jaguar I-PACE, and his documentary about “fossil fuel monopolies… stifling the growth of renewables to protect their own wealth and control” that’s bound to “ruffle some feathers.”

HollywoodLife: What is your perfect date night in the Jaguar?

Jonathan Scott:  Well, I’m an escape room fanatic, and so, I love escape rooms. I don’t actually watch TV, so I love going out and actually doing things. People ask like what I do for Christmas stuff …we do a lot of cheesy things. So, I would probably start off by going somewhere, driving to a park, and doing a picnic. Then, I would go off, and I would do an escape room, and since I am a big cornball, I love watching the sunset. So, something like that as well.

Where would you watch the sunset, ideally? 

Well, the one that I just, the last place I did it was, I had a picnic, was at Will Rogers park. The Will Rogers park here in A.L.

And how are things going with you and Zooey? 

Well, today is all focused on Jaguar.

So, tell me about your partnership with Jaguar.

It’s funny. Growing up, my dad’s absolute dream car was a Jaguar. He loved the Jaguar. He loved it, beauty-wise, and he loved the performance. Flash forward from my childhood to being an adult, I’m focused very much on design and not just designing homes but also in fashion, in vehicles, everything like that.

Nobody that does performance and style better than Jaguar. So, I did this fun campaign last year with “Unwrap A Jaguar.” It was in one of the conversations that [Jaguar] referenced that they have an all-electric vehicle. “I’m like wait, hold up. What?” Cause I was already halfway through working on this documentary about renewable energy and eco-friendly and sustainable options. This is rocking my world because, for the first time, now you have the benefits of energy efficiency, but then you have the style of performance of a Jaguar. So, that’s when we started talking about this new campaign. And here we are today.

I don’t know if you’ve ever driven an electric vehicle before, but [this new car] it’s very, very cool. When I was driving, I would literally have people stop and ask what I’m driving. “what is, what is this?” Cause it’s just a gorgeous car and it’s all-electric.


So, that’s kind of the segue of how we worked into this, for me with [his documentary.] I was just putting solar panels on my house I thought I was doing something good for the environment. No sooner did the system gets activated, that all solar was killed in Nevada. They changed the legislation and put all the solar companies out of business, and I was like, “something doesn’t seem right.”

I brought on a researcher, paid for the whole film, myself out of my own pocket, and filmed what really turned into an amazing human story. I’ve interviewed people in Congress, in the Senate. I interviewed coal miners in Kentucky, farmers in Georgia, and we have more in common than people think. And I think the sustainability story, it’s going to take companies like Jaguar, big companies, respected companies that will actually make that shift.

How do you see where we can improve in that way? 

I think it’s about being open-minded to new technologies because change is always difficult, but more so, I think it’s preventing ourselves from being manipulated. … I think that’s the big thing for me is I want people to do their own research I want people to go out and go, go and try an I-Pace just give it a shot see what you think. I’m telling you that it’s going to put a big smile on your face…I wouldn’t be surprised that in 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if electric vehicles are the majority of the market. And it’s the same for solar, for the first time solar is good for business.

When will we be able to see your film? 

I think the film will have distribution by the start of the new year. So early 2020 people will hear when the film is going to air and I think it will definitely ruffle some feathers, but the most important thing is that it will get people talking.

Is it going to ruffle feathers?

It already has.

Do you feel worried about that at all? 

I’ve had people threaten myself and threaten my business and things like that, and I think that’s a pretty clear indication.

What kind are people are doing it? 

I have had very powerful people who have said they don’t want the film to be made. I [was] treading very close to what’s going on and what they don’t like, but on the flip side, I think people deserve to know. They deserve to know when …their voting to put somebody into power, they deserve to know what’s actually happening and who is actually supporting that person in office.

This interview has been edited.

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