Barron Trump, 13, Towers Over Dad Donald As Family Arrives Back In D.C. After Thanksgiving

It's official: Barron Trump is now taller than both of his parents, and they're REALLY tall. Check out this pic of the first son towering over his 5'11" and 6'3" parents at just 13 years old.

Melania Barron Donald Trump
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Image Credit: Kevin Wolf/AP/Shutterstock

A rare Barron Trump sighting has revealed that the president and first lady’s son is officially taller than both of them. At 13 years old, Barron hit that major teenage growth spurt already, resulting in him towering over his 5’11” former model mother, Melania Trump, and his 6’3″ father, Donald Trump. So, the kid has to be at least 6’4″ now. Barron isn’t seen very often in public — he usually skips White House events — so seeing him sprout like a weed behind closed doors is jarring.

Barron, of course, spent Thanksgiving with the rest of the First Family at Mar-a-Lago, the president’s winter (and spring, and summer, and fall) residence in Palm Beach, Florida. He was spotted arriving back at the White House with his parents on December 1, wearing slacks, a bomber jacket, New Balance sneakers, and a white t-shirt — similar to his father’s outfit. He declined to wear the red “Keep America Great” hat, though. You can see the Trump family deplaning Air Force One as they return to the White House after Thanksgiving below, as well as a video of their departure to Florida, which also shows Barron’s striking difference in height.

Shortly after making it back home, the first lady debuted the annual White House Christmas decorations that she selected. After a major miss last year — bizarre red trees everywhere that made the place look like the set of Suspiria — she went with a more classic look: twinkly lights everywhere, giant fir trees, wreaths, ribbons, stars, and even an advent calendar shaped like the White House. The unveiling video shows a “Be Best” ornament on one of the trees, a nod to the first lady’s initiative.

Melania Barron Donald Trump
Kevin Wolf/AP/Shutterstock

Speaking of which… Melania didn’t have such a great reception the last time she spoke about “Be Best”. The first lady was booed loudly by an audience of middle school and high school students during a five-minute presentation about her initiative, which focuses on ending bullying and opioid addiction for children, on November 26, hours before the White House turkey pardoning.

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