Alissa Violet Accuses Ex FaZe Banks Of Cheating On Her, Smashing Her Car Windows & More  

Nearly five months after Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks' breakup, Alissa has made some shocking accusations about what allegedly went down before the split.

Alissa Violet has accused her ex-boyfriend, FaZe Banks, of cheating on her multiple times while they were together. It started on Dec. 1, when Alissa responded to a tweet that read, ‘How did you find out you were being cheated on?’ She had a very specific answer when she claimed: “I was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me so I checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl.” In a follow-up tweet, she clarified that it was the “guest wing of the house,” and not the actual guest house.

FaZe did not respond directly to Alissa’s allegations, but he did randomly tweet ‘I love you,’ less than one hour later. Alissa clearly felt that this message was directed to her, and she responded by posting screenshots of their text messages. In the texts, she wrote, “Did you “love me” when you were hooking up with a random who** in our home? Did you “love me” when you snapchatted that girl in Vegas to come f*** you when I was at dinner with you? Did you “love me” when I was in Orlando for my cousin’s wedding and you hooked up with a girl in our bed?” FaZe Banks responded to the texts with: “Dude wtf is this. I always kept my promises.”

There was more where that came from, though, as Alissa used Twitter to hurl more accusations at her ex. “Did you “love me” when I’ve been asking you for five months to help with OUR dogs, but you told me to ship them to my parents in Ohio because it was ‘too much for you’?” she wrote. “Did you “love me” when you texted that girl that you were on your way to her hotel room at 6 am to ‘get weird’ while I was sleeping next to you? Did you “love me” when you said you were at highlight room but your location [said] you were at a random apartment complex for 2 hours? Did you “love me” when you broke 8 of my phones? did you “love me” when you smashed in the back of Chanel’s window of her car that she gave me? Did you “love me” when you f***ed all the girls I was worried about while we were dating, after the breakup?”

FaZe only responded on Twitter to one of the accusations (re: the dogs) directly. “I couldn’t take care of them,” he wrote. “I want them to have a good life.” He also then asked Alissa, “Why are we doing this online?” HollywoodLife has not verified any of Alissa’s claims, and we’ve reached out to FaZe for comment.

Alissa and FaZe were together for about two years when they announced their split at the beginning of July. At the time, they had already been broken up for about a month. Alissa did not make public accusations of cheating at the time, but she did hint that there was more to the story that fans didn’t know about. “Everyone handles breakups differently,” she said. “You guys don’t know what happened behind closed doors and I’m doing the best I can to handle everything. I’m still very hurt and upset how this happened. I will always love and care for Ricky.” It’s unclear what led her to be more specific about the issues now.

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