‘Holiday Rush’s Romany Malco Raves Over Sonequa Martin-Green: She ‘Made Me Step My Game Up’

Romany Malco stars in the brand-new Netflix holiday movie 'Holiday Rush.' He spoke with HL about why he took on the role, working with Sonequa Martin-Green, and so much more.

Romany Malco
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Romany Malco stars in the Netflix movie Holiday Rush as popular New York radio DJ Rush Williams. Rush has been spoiling his four children with lavish gifts ever since they lost their mom, played by La La Anthony. When Rush suddenly loses his job, his producer Roxy (Sonequa Martin-Green) and his Aunt Jo (Darlene Love) play to help him buy another station. This means downsizing fast. Throughout this holiday journey, Rush reconnects with his family and opens his heart to love again.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Romany about why he wanted to take on the role of Rush. “I think that what made me want to do it is I’ve been having these challenges in my career that made me think that it was important to branch out and do other things,” Romany said. “I’m usually asked to be funny in a very racy or edgy way and being asked to be funny in a more wholesome way was just actually a much more in alignment with the life that I’m leading now. People still want me to be Jay from The 40-Year-Old Virgin. So that was one reason. I liked the idea of doing a movie that showed someone taking a risk of being an employee where he wasn’t feeling appreciated to making the move to entrepreneurship and dealing with the hurdles with it. The hurdles that came with it, the challenges, the supportive family members, and the not so supportive family members that were the highlights of reading that script.”

Romany and Sonequa have incredible chemistry as Rush and Roxy. These two make quite the onscreen dynamic duo. Romany revealed that Sonequa really made him up his game. “If you like the movie at all, if you enjoy this movie, that’s because of Sonequa,” Romany continued. “Truthfully, I showed up really confused and not 100% clear about what I was supposed to be. I was lost. It was Sonequa who showed up with this really strong, clear tone and this level of preparation just forced me to think, forced me to fall in line, and forced me to up my game even. My appreciation for that. I know that we’re supposed to be all nicey-nice with one another, but I’m really keeping it 100. Sonequa really brought the sh*t and made me step my game up, and for that, I’m just forever grateful. In fact, I feel like I’m better on my show A Million Little Things now because of the fact that I learned so much working with Sonequa.”

Romany admitted that he loves that Rush and Roxy make such a great team. “They hold each other accountable and they kept one another motivated,” Romany told HollywoodLife. “When one was down, the other one picks them up and then when the other ones down vice versa. I love that about this particular couple. A little dream couple for me.”

Holiday Rush is about the importance of family and Romany hopes that comes across to fans as they watch. He opened up about how he understands that effort it takes to keep a family close. “I really understand from a personal experience what it actually takes and seeing this generation of people in the movie with Aunt Jo wanting to help our kids understand the importance of family, not just out of obligation, but out of the importance of the valuable lessons that you get out of family and the tolerance that you learn and the blessing that you have and how it contributes to your sanity and all of those things. It felt like it was really happening in this movie. I really hope that people look at this movie and get that.” Holiday Rush is now streaming on Netflix.

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