‘RHONJ’: Margaret Throws A Dig At Teresa Giudice Over Blake Schrek Dating Rumors

Tensions ran high during the Nov. 27 episode of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'. Especially after Jennifer split the group up into two different hotel rooms after they arrived in Jamaica.

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Margaret Josephs wasn’t too happy when she discovered that only she and Jackie were placed in a separate hotel room upon arriving in Jamaica, during the Nov. 27 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The rest of the ladies — Jennifer Aydin, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Dolores Catania — were placed in a more upscale villa with a rooftop pool and a private spa. Jennifer was actually the one who planned the trip, but quickly upon arriving, and learning about the room situation, Margaret felt like Teresa probably had something to do with it, considering how they recently butted heads over their conflicting feelings for Danielle Staub. But regardless, Margaret made the best of the situation.

That is, until, everyone met up for drinks in the villa later that night. When everyone sat down to taste different types of rum (“When in Rome”, right?), the host of the evening presented everyone with “the 21” — meaning it was old — and that’s when Margaret jumped at the opportunity to seemingly take a jab at Teresa. “She likes a minimum age of 21, Teresa. She doesn’t like jailbait,” Margaret said, as the rest of the room went quiet.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Teresa, 47, asked, and Margaret said she didn’t mean any harm by it. However, others in the room questioned her motive. For example, in a private confessional, Melissa said, “There’s all these rumors about Teresa with some younger guy, and you’re talking about, ‘She likes them 21’…” And then, Dolores added, “You can’t joke around about something like this with Teresa unless you’re looking to get your ass kicked.” Fortunately for Margaret, there was no a**-kicking, but Melissa still thinks Teresa is eventually going to “explode” over the comment because if there’s anything Teresa knows how to do, it’s hold a grudge. In fact, Melissa says her name should be “Teresa Grudge Giudice”.

“It was a funny line because the liquor was 21 years old. That’s what I meant,” Margaret later told Melissa. “You and I both know, between saying the age and jail, you were really [asking for drama],” Melissa shot back, and hey, maybe she was. After all, Teresa was accused of cheating on husband Joe Giudice earlier this year, when she was photographed holding hands with handsome realtor Blake Schrek, 26, in Miami. Since then, Teresa has denied cheating, saying she and Blake are just friends.

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