Anderson .Paak Goes Off On Goldlink For Saying Mac Miller Copied His Music In ‘Disrespectful’ Post

After Goldlink posted an insensitive message about Mac Miller's death on Instagram, Anderson .Paak issued a scathing response to shut down the rapper as 'disrespectful.'

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Anderson .Paak is not pleased with Goldlink for a post that he wrote about Mac Miller’s death. Seemingly out of nowhere, Goldlink took to Instagram on Nov. 26 to share a lengthy tribute to the rapper, who he had previously toured with. However, the post was ripped to shreds because Goldlink accused Mac of copying his music in the message, and Anderson jumped in to share his two cents.

In his original post, Goldlink started out by saying that he “wasn’t surprised” that Mac died “not because [he] was necessarily troubled, but because [he] was so special, and because of that [he] was troubled.” He then went onto delve into his issues with Mac while the rapper was alive, and admitted that they weren’t always on the “best of terms.” Goldlink toured with Mac on his GO:OD AM tour, and claims that he played Mac his album, “and after that we didn’t talk,” which featured a collab with Anderson .Paak, at the time. However, he then accused Mac of using the record as a ‘blueprint’ for Mac’s own album, Divine Feminine, which also featured a collaboration with Anderson.

Goldlink’s message concluded with a positive comment — “I was so proud of you and what YOU created for yourself,” he wrote. However,  fans (and Anderson) could not help but point out that it was extremely insensitive of him to bring up his beef with Mac in a post that was supposed to be a tribute.

Anderson slammed Goldlink’s Instagram tribute as “disrespectful, narcissistic, jealous and grossly unnecessary.” He went on to say, “You ain’t the first to make an album inspired by a relationship, you ain’t the first to make a song feature Anderson .Paak, but you are the first to disrespect my friend who is no longer here for absolutely no reason and I can’t stand for that. I’m not a tough guy, I’m not about negativity, but this bugged me bad bro.”

He claimed that he tried to reach out to Goldlink via phone and DM, but that the rapper never responded, which is why he took to Instagram to clear the air. “I’m in disbelief!!!!” he wrote. “If Divine Feminine was such a blueprint of your record then tell me where the plaques are for whatever your s*** was called. Mac brought your a** on tour and opened up his fanbase to you when you had nothing and this is the type of appreciation you give? You should [have] just been grateful for the op! Whatever issues you had with Mac should have been addressed in person and ended there. What’s the point of bringing this up after his passing and disrespecting his name? You really woke up feeling that was the move?”

Anderson also accused Goldlink of writing the post just to “promote” whatever music he’s going to release next. “Some things simply have nothing to do with you, but when you have a God complex, I’m sure it’s easy to think everything comes from you or was inspired in some way,” he concluded. “Whatever it is, I ain’t giving it no more energy. I pray you get back to the music and spreading good energy. I’ma do the same.”

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