‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Ends Her Rekindled Romance With Jeremy & Kailyn Says Goodbye To Her Dog

The stars of 'Teen Mom 2' delivered many goodbyes during the Nov. 26 episode, but none were as heartbreaking as Kailyn's, when she was forced to put her family dog down.

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If you weren’t crying your eyes out throughout the Nov. 26 episode of Teen Mom 2, then you might be heartless. Because each and every storyline from this week’s episode had us searching for a tissue to wipe the tears that were streaming down our face. Not only did Kailyn Lowry say goodbye to her family dog, but Leah Messer ended her rekindled romance with Jeremy, and Briana DeJesus confronted John about their deteriorating relationship. No wonder this was the season finale — everything came to an end, and most of it happened in the most shocking way imaginable.

Let’s start with Kailyn — after getting a second opinion on her dog, Bear‘s, condition, the mom of three was told that she really should put the animal down. She was told that even if she elected to have Bear go through surgery, he’d only live an extra 2-3 weeks (if that), so despite how hard it would be, Kailyn made the decision to put Bear down and end his suffering. But that also meant sharing the tragic news with her three sons, who broke down in tears when Kailyn told them what was happening. They all went with Kailyn to the vet appointment, but only Isaac (Kailyn’s eldest son), 10, elected to go inside with her for the procedure. Lincoln, who is 5, was too young to truly understand what was happening.

Meanwhile, Leah went to divorce court with her sister and that led to bad memories of her past with Jeremy. So since he’s been so wishy-washy with planning a date and actually committing to their rekindled romance, Leah decided to put an end to it. She didn’t want to fully embrace another romance with Jeremy if there was a chance it could end badly. They both agreed that that wouldn’t be good for the kids, so instead of pursuing it, Leah decided to end what they had started.

Later, Briana broke up with John through a TEXT MESSAGE. And after he barely responded back to her, she became upset that he didn’t try to salvage their relationship. (Um, can you blame him?) Even so, she went to New York to have a face-to-face conversation with him — off camera — during which they both cried and he screamed at her. She told a producer that John said he truly loved her and he was willing to change his entire life for her, so it was unfair how she dismissed their relationship so easily.

Finally, Chelsea got a shocking request from Adam‘s mom, who wanted him to be able to attend Aubree‘s monthly visits at their house. Chelsea said no, so Adam’s mom said they’d have to go to court then to sort everything out. And since Sean has been clean and sober, Jade allowed him to stay at her house longer than initially planned.

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