Sofia Richie Shows Off Toned Abs In A Sports Bra While Giving Fans A Glimpse Of her Intense Workout

Finally! Fans have been begging Sofia Richie for her workout secrets on how to get her killer abs. She's granted their wish in a new video doing vigorous exercises in a sports bra and leggings.

Sofia Richie
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Sofia Richie has been sharing a bunch of bikini modeling photos on Instagram lately and her abs are as ripped and toned as we’ve ever seen them. As a result, fans have been pleading with her to share her workout secrets on how she’s achieved such amazing torso muscles. Ask and ye shall receive, as the 21-year-old has shared a two-minute video working out with her trainer Kevin Mejia, and now fans can duplicate the exercises that have Sofia rocking the best bikini body of her life.

In the first exercise, she’s seen standing and  kicking one leg forward, then swinging it backward and stretching her limb as far back as possible, almost kneeling to the ground with it, then repeating the process. In the second workout she has a blue exercise band around her knees and does a squat, stands back upright, swivels her body direction and repeats the squat then stand process. All while keeping her upper body posture strong with her hands pressed together in front of her.

Next up Sofia includes weights. She still has the exercise band around her knees and stands in a slight squat position while doing light curls with smaller weights, as she looks to have about 8-10 pounds on each side of the bar. Again her upper body doesn’t move as she lets her core propel the workout. With that same setup Sofia moves on to lowering the weighed bar towards ground and standing up to a straightened back position, slightly bending her knees in the process and again letting her core muscles take over.

Then Sofia hits the floor, putting on ankle weights to do leg thrusts where on her hands and knees she moves one leg into her chest then stretches it back in the air as far as it will go. She and her trainer then move along to standing cross body lunges, where she bends down to one knee with a small hand weight then pulls the leg back in to stand tall while now holding the weight above her head. Other ab toning workouts she includes involve crunches on the floor, pulling upwards with one weight held high in her hand to reach up. She then moves onto her side and returns to the exercise band around her knees as she attempts to lift one leg as high as it can go, and thanks to the sports bra she’s wearing, fans can literally see her ab muscles completely engaging with each move.

The amazing thing is that nearly all of these exercises can be done in one’s home and her type of exercise band can be found online for less than $10. The one thing Sofia has that some of her fans might not is tons of dedication and commitment to earn her insane bikini body. But she’s showing it is completely possible to achieve and the exercises are simple, albeit grueling.


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