‘RHOC’: Tamra Judge Jokes About Sleeping With Braunwyn & Vicki Gets Engaged

This week, Braunwyn convinced Kelly to go on the Florida trip, while Tamra, Gina, and Emily learned exciting news about Vicki.

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Welcome to Miami! The ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County traveled to Florida during the Nov. 26 episode, and thanks to some persuading on Braunwyn‘s part, Kelly went too. Kelly was reluctant at first, due to her ongoing drama with Shannon and Tamra (and that lawsuit with Jim Bellino), but ultimately, Kelly didn’t want to let Braunwyn down, so she packed a bag and made her way down south with her co-stars. While there, Tamra and Shannon avoided Kelly at all costs, as their lawyers advised them to do, but Kelly didn’t exactly play by their rules. After a night out at a club, Kelly threw shade at Shannon by grabbing her hair and telling her to cut it because it looked like “s***”.

Then, the next day, Kelly wanted to know why Shannon and Tamra were so mad at her, so they had to explain to her that it was because Kelly tweeted Jim and basically told him he did a good thing by suing them for defamation. Kelly, however, didn’t think it was a good enough excuse to be mad at her, and she further claimed that she was “backed into a corner” when she found out that Tamra started the train rumor and accused her of throwing her mom down the stairs — so in turn, she felt her actions were merited. Tamra, however, disagreed and called Kelly “dirty”. Then, after Tamra stormed off, she told Kelly to keep doing what she does best, which according to her is “sucking d*** for money”.

And that wasn’t the only drama of the night. This week also saw Vicki getting engaged to Steve Lodge. Well, we didn’t get to see the actual proposal, but Vicki shared the happy news with Tamra, Emily, Gina and Shannon back at her house after Shannon finally finalized her divorce with David Beador. A wedding date hasn’t been set yet, but if you ask us, they’re probably waiting to use it as leverage for Vicki to regain her full-time status before Bravo starts production on Season 15. And while the ladies were in Miami, Braunwyn told everyone that they had their own room, but if anyone wanted to sleep with anyone, she wouldn’t put a stop to it — which is when Tamra made a joke about Braunwyn wanting to have sex with her. Oh and did we mention Tamra got so wild at the club that she and Emily touched tongues? Yeah, that happened, too.

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