Melania Trump Wears Head-To-Toe Suede Outfit To The White House Turkey Pardon — Pics

After two years of being teased about her turkey pardoning outfits, Melania Trump shed the curse and wore everything suede, from her trench coat, to her boots. Check out her look here.

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First Lady Melania Trump, as always, looked perfectly chic while at the White House Turkey Pardoning on November 26. Trump, 49, stood by her husband, President Donald Trump, in the White House rose garden as he granted two lucky birds, Butter and Bread, sweet freedom and a lifetime of happiness with the pardoned turkeys that came before them. For the event, Melania wore a head-to-toe suede outfit, which included a knee-length suede trench coat and matching high boots with a little bit of slouch and a chunky heel.

If appears that Trump took the criticism of last year’s outfit into consideration when she picked out today’s ensemble. At the 2018 White House Turkey Pardon, she rocked a mod swing coat decorated in a geometric pattern. It was cute, but proved problematic when it came to the color scheme. Brown, red, white, black…. yep, she got called out for looking like a turkey. It was a stretch, but once you see it, it’s there. The tweets about her outfit immediately poured in. “Melania at this turkey pardoning looking like she’s just waiting to hear her own name,” one person tweeted. “Watching trump at turkey press conference. Is it just me or Is Melania trying to compete with Peas & Carrots with the coat she is wearing?” another viewer wrote.

She got flack for the outfit she wore to the 2017 pardoning, as well: a burnt orange turtleneck sweater, a high-waisted brown skirt, her signature, massive heels, and a brocade, floral longline coat. It may have been just a little reminiscent of Kim Kardashian‘s infamous “couch dress,” but that’s neither here nor there.

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Melania wore the same suede outfit in the morning before the Turkey Pardon when she visited the University of Maryland for a “Be Best” event. Nobody was talking about her outfit there, though. Instead, an audience full of middle school and high school students booed her for five straight minutes.

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