Wendy Williams & Former Frenemy NeNe Leakes Both Look Like Bombshells On ‘Grown Girl Saturday’

Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes proved they're now on good terms on Nov. 23 when they both shared a smiling photo of themselves enjoying a fun Saturday night together on Instagram.

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Wendy Williams sure knows how to make a lot of enemies due to her outspokenness on her talk show, but she also knows how to reconcile with some and her latest social media post proved that’s exactly what she did with NeNe Leakes! The 55-year-old host and the 51-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star both took to their Instagram pages on Nov. 23 to share a photo that showed them happily posing together at a table and smiling during an outing in New York City. In the pic, both ladies are matching in black outfits, including Wendy in a long-sleeved top and NeNe in a tank top, and long blonde locks.

“Yassss. Blowing off steam. Grown girl Saturday with @neneleakes! Great night, NYC! #saturday #saturdaynight,” Wendy’s caption for the photo read while NeNe wrote, “What’s a Saturday nite in nyc without @wendyshow #girlsniteout #mybitchhhhhhh #wekeepit1000 #hbic #og #theone #rhoa.”

The post definitely brought out a lot of comments from Wendy and NeNe’s followers and most of them were supportive. “I love this and you nene!” one follower wrote. “I really like y’all together 🔥❤️😍,” another gushed.

Wendy and NeNe’s night out comes as a bit of a surprise considering their rocky past, but it’s not too out of left field considering the two rekindled their friendship in August. NeNe then appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in September after staying away for seven years due to their feud. Wendy opened up about their feud and their reconciliation on the show and admitted that she decided to patch things up with the reality star after reevaluating things in her life.

“It’s been seven years since NeNe has been here. You know, I’m going through a divorce and I’m re-routing my life,” Wendy explained on the show. “This is not my fault, but there are people that I have been calling and saying, ‘What happened between us?'” She also went on to explain why she thinks they had a falling out to begin with. “When we first met NeNe on the Housewives, she was like our big mouth friend who [would] just say it like she meant it, she had a cute family, and the laugh and that whole bit,” she explained before admitting she thought fame went to NeNe’s head. “Just keeping it real with NeNe. We missed the girl that we knew.”

NeNe didn’t exactly agree with Wendy’s reasoning, however, and took a moment to explain her own take on things. “So you know how Wendy does her Hot Topics? And I was just like, ‘Dang, she is just really running my name in the dirt'”, she said.

It didn’t take long for them to follow up their different reasons with statements that confirmed they were ready to put all the drama behind them. “You know what, regardless [of] whatever happened, the thing that I love the most is when I got on the flight, and we were meeting in the restaurant, so when I got to the restaurant, it was almost like we never missed a beat,” NeNe said. “We was just right back into it.”

“And we never knew each other in real life; we only know each other from this couch, but it seemed like we were friends in real life before and grown people going through things,” Wendy responded.

We’re so glad Wendy and NeNe were able to work things out and find gratitude in each other! We look forward to seeing more pics from their hangouts in the future.

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