Kim Kardashian Cries After Failing To Fit Into Versace Dress Amid 18 Lb. Weight Gain — See Pic

Not even a pair of her SKIMS could help Kim Kardashian fit into a Versace gown after she recently admitted to a 18 pound weight gain. She shared a photo trying to squeeze into the dress.

Kim Kardashian
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Ah to have the problems that Kim Kardashian has. The 39-year-old took to Instagram to lament how a stunning Versace gown didn’t fit her after she recently gained some weight. She posted a photo of herself in her enviable dressing room with racks of clothes behind her. The glittering burgundy dress featured spaghetti straps and a plunging front and seemed to fit her like a glove. But according to Kim, it just wasn’t working. “How good would this Versace dress have been if it fit 😭,” she captioned the pic.

Maybe a zipper somewhere on the garment did close, but it seemed like there was a little bit of loose fabric in the front so maybe elsewhere on the gown it was too small. We’d assume with Kim’s enviable curves that her gowns are either custom-made or at least tailored to her precise measurements. But it seems her old measurements are smaller that what her frame is now, which is why she was so bummed the dress didn’t fit.

In July of 2018, Kim revealed she’d dropped down to 119 pounds after being at about 140 “for forever” according to her. But it wasn’t without some controversy. She shared videos of her sisters being concerned, as Kendall Jenner, 24, told her “I don’t think you’re eating. Like you look so skinny.” Kim responded by squealing in a high voice, “Whaaaaat? Whaaaaat? Oh my God thank you!” Khloe Kardashian, 35, later called her anorexic, which seemed to thrill Kim. That in turn caused fans to pile on that she was promoting eating disorders. Kim later dropped three more pounds the following month, settling at 116 pounds as her target weight.

But over the past year Kim’s put some weight back on. She revealed to fans in a Nov. 2 Instagram story while doing a pre-dinner workout with her trainer Melissa Alcantara that she’d gained 18 pounds back since her dramatic 2018 slim down. “So we’re doing a night workout before my dinner, which I never do — with this one — but I figured we have to get into it at some point,” she said in a IG story video. “And yeah, I mean, sometimes we fall off and sometimes you really gotta get it together, and this is one of my fallen-off times where I am, I think, 18 pounds up from what I was about a year ago, a year and a half ago.”


“To feel good, I just want to get it like, a really good goal weight and so that means working out at all costs,” she shared. “It’s my eating. I work out but it’s like, my eating. But Melissa and I have a major goal for by the time I’m 40.” Melissa told her “You’re going to be 39 going on 21.” Kim was back at it the next morning, posting and IG stories video of herself on a stairmaster with the caption, “A morning workout after a night workout is the best!!!”

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