Cardi B Channels Santa & Welcomes Fans To Her ‘Twerk Shop’ In Hilarious Pepsi Holiday Ad

It's a Cardi Christmas! The rapper has teamed up with Pepsi to deliver yet another hilarious commercial. — This time, she puts a twist on the traditional Santa, dressed in a bright blue pantsuit, to bring Pepsi drinkers her favorite, MONEY!

Despite making the naughty list this year, Cardi B is in great spirits! The “Money” rapper, 27, has joined her Pepsi Co. family for its new holiday campaign to not only spread seasonal cheer, but to give fans and their loved ones a chance to win a hefty cash prize! In “A Cardi Carol”, released on November 21, the Grammy-winning rapper welcomes fans into her “Twerk Shop”, while acting as Santa dressed in a bedazzled blue pantsuit. As for her sleigh? — Cardi put a modern twist on Santa’s traditional holiday ride and instead, rode off into the night sky in a designer car.

In the 2-minute commercial — which will be cut down to a :30 television spot to debut nationally on Thanksgiving Day — Cardi takes viewers back in time to when she was a young girl growing up in the Bronx. After getting snubbed by Santa on Christmas Eve, she vows to one day, gift others regardless if they are naughty or nice. Her goal? To give them what they really want — cash money! The story ends in present day with Cardi joining forces with Pepsi to gift cash to all this holiday season.

Cardi, who teamed up with Pepsi in January for the brand’s hysterical Super Bowl ad, is helping promote the company’s holiday campaign, in which newly designed 12-packs of soda contain QR-codes. When the codes are scanned, Pepsi consumers will have a chance to win cash prizes, as well as gift money to friends and family. Cash prizes range from $5 to $25,000.

“While the holidays have always been known as the season of giving, finding the right gift to give has always been an underlying stress for people. Our ‘Gift it Forward with Pepsi’ program is all about disrupting the typical ways that people go about holiday gift giving by enabling people to unapologetically give the gift of cash, adding a new dynamic to the overall holiday experience,” said Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing, Pepsi, according to a press release on Thursday. “So, whether you gift your winnings to a friend, a family member, or someone else, Pepsi wants to make it easier for you to get into the gifting spirit this holiday season.”

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